Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1902.

Items marked [C] have been copied by TADS.

Date Page Village News
12/07/1902 6 Baughurst Coronation festivities expenses meeting; balance sheet presented.
12/07/1902 7 Tadley Hospital Sunday Service Parade collected £17.11s.4d for Royal Berkshire Hospital.
19/07/1902 6 Baughurst Choir treat Entertained by Revd Crowley in Rectory; evening games enjoyed.
19/07/1902 7 Silchester Ashe Lane farmer found partridge nest Eggs saved; placed under a hen and hatched.
02/08/1902 3 Tadley Cricket Match v Old St Michaels names of players.
02/08/1902 4 Brimpton Common Sale of Blacknest Estate 7 lots (inc Blacknest House, Lower Built Place, Ashford Hill Bridfield, Tanhouse Cottages).
02/08/1902 5 Ramsdell Choir outing to Portsmouth
02/08/1902 7 Tadley Coronation committee meeting held in the Board School. A resolution to celebrate the coronation on Saturday 9 August was passed and sub-committees formed.
09/08/1902 8 Baughurst Tabernacle Anniversary Service
16/08/1902 5 Tadley Tadley school Parent, Annie Stacey, warned about Ivy s absences.
16/08/1902 6 Tadley Wedding William Kemp married Sarah E E Savage at St Mary s Church; peals from old village bells.
16/08/1902 8 Various Edward VII Coronation celebrations [C]
23/08/1902 5 Silchester Wedding Caroline May Cooper married J C Bell.
23/08/1902 7 Pamber Horticultural Society Bramley, MS, P & SStJ Horticultural Society annual show - lots of names
23/08/1902 7 Baughurst Reading Temperance Prize Band held a concert in James Meadow.
23/08/1902 7 Baughurst Indecent assault George Kernutt assaulted Gertrude Cullum.
06/09/1902 6 Aldermaston Brass tablet erected in Parish Church - memory of T S Cambridge
06/09/1902 6 Aldermaston Attack on Keyser s gamekeeper His wounds were stitched in the Tadley surgery.
20/09/1902 5 Silchester Volunteer Church Parade K Co Cyclists from Basingstoke. [C]
20/09/1902 5 Pamber Postponed coronation events. [C]
04/10/1902 6 Tadley Harvest Festival Services am: St Mary s & Parish Church; pm: St Saviour s. Offering to Royal Berkshire Hospital.
11/10/1902 1 Baughurst Sale of 90 acres of valuable ripe underwood By auction at The Dragon Inn , Baughurst. [C]
11/10/1902 7 Baughurst Jumble sale £15 raised in aid of clearing off a debt on a new school piano which was purchased last winter. [C]
11/10/1902 7 Pamber Harvest Thanksgiving Band of the Pamber Heath Church Lads Brigade played; "some two dozen people were unable to gain admission due to room being crowded to excess". [C]
11/10/1902 8 Tadley Cricket Club Wind-up match on Recreation Ground, followed by "a capital dinner" at The Fighting Cocks .
11/10/1902 8 Silchester Harvest Thanksgiving Service
11/10/1902 8 Silchester Cricket Club dinner and wind-up.
18/10/1902 6 Baughurst Ebenezer Mission Hall Harvest Festival.
18/10/1902 6 Baughurst Primitive Methodist Chapel - band (?) played - funds to Circuit.
25/10/1902 6 Pamber Petty Sessions Unlighted vehicles "Noah Pike, gypsy and Thomas Rawlings, a loud voiced and rather brazen individual". They were fined 5s each for driving carts with no lights; stopped by PC Pott. [C]
25/10/1902 7 Baughurst Harvest Thanksgiving Services
Ramsdell Coronation committee - final meeting.
Ramsdell Mothers Union lecture with slides by vicar attendance 60.
01/11/1902 8 Ramsdell Waif Saturday collection by children outside school £1.1s.3d to Dr Barnado s Homes.
06/11/1902 3 Tadley Tadley, Baughurst and Ewhurst Conservative and Unionist Association Mr Faber MP had a hearty welcome from the members on the occasion of a smoking concert held at the Parish Room, Tadley on Friday last week. [C]
08/11/1902 6 Pamber Wedding Edith Mears married Harold Melmoth at Pamber Church (Priory).
15/11/1902 7 Aldermaston Berkshire Assizes Serious charge of assault at the Berkshire Assizes (George Kernutt & Ernest George charged with "assaulting Gertrude Cullum with intent to ravish her..." "given six months with hard labour each" [C].
15/11/1902 7 Tadley Letter to editor re Mr Faber s visit to Tadley concerning school catchment areas in Tadley, Baughurst and Ewhurst.
22/11/1902 5 Silchester Silchester excavations Dinner for the workmen at the close of the season s work; Mr Mills Stephenson FSA was in charge of dig. [C]
22/11/1902 5 Silchester Tadley School Concert in school programme of music listed. [C]
22/11/1902 6 Baughurst Waif Saturday Collection for Dr Barnado s Homes by local (named) scholars; the total of £3.6s.8d exceeded last year s by 18s 5d. [C]
22/11/1902 8 Pamber Death of Mrs Hall Mother of Misses Halls, teachers at local school. Funeral was held at the Old Priory .

No entries
06/12/1902 6 Silchester A talk about Silchester Common by G F North, agent for Duke of Wellington (Lord of the Manor). [C]
06/12/1902 6 Tadley Waif Saturday Collection amounted to £1.12s.2d. Collectors named. [C]
13/12/1902 6 Baughurst New outside church lamp erected; was lighted on Sunday. [C]
13/12/1902 6 Pamber Death of Mr Charles Chapple age 62, landlord of The Plough . [C]
13/12/1902 8 Pamber Court Alledged theft of rabbit skins by Noah Pike, gypsy. £3 bail in Basingstoke Police.
20/12/1902 3 Baughurst Concert organised by Mr Smith in school (Dr Langley performed).
20/12/1902 3 Tadley Lecture on Alcohol and the Blood to upper school scholars. Proficiency certificates given to 29 children (all named). [C]
20/12/1902 3 Ramsdell Lecture to school children on Alcohol and the Blood . [C]
20/12/1902 3 Ramsdell Pig Club Supper in schoolroom. [C]
20/12/1902 6 Ramsdell Death of David Undecimue Leavy.
20/12/1902 8 Pamber Division Petty Sessions about a rabbit skin (Noah Pike); case dismissed. [C]
27/12/1902 8 Tadley Improvement (by half hour) to Tadley postal delivery and collection.

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