Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1903.

Items marked [C] have been copied by TADS.

Date Page Village News
03/01/1903 6 Tadley School Board - Increase of salary for the two teachers from £160 to £165 per annum - Miss Kimber (the new mistress) was to be paid 4s per week.
03/01/1903 8 Silchester Church bells on New Year s Eve. [C]
03/01/1903 8 Silchester Church Sunday School Christmas and Magic Lantern Entertainment. [C]
03/01/1903 8 Silchester Band of Hope (Primitive Methodist Chapel) Tea . [C]
03/01/1903 8 Silchester Annual Dinner at The Crown Inn Lots of names of members (residents?). [C]
10/01/1903 6 Baughurst Police changes: PC Fell superannuated PC Gregory transferred from Headley to Baughurst.
10/01/1903 8 Tadley Death of Mrs Harvey funeral write-up. [C]
10/01/1903 8 Tadley Inquiry at The Malt House Inn by coroner on body of James Clarke wife of Ann Bowman - full inquest details. [C]
10/01/1903 8 Tadley Serious accident to Vicar of Kingsclere stand-in vicar was wired for . [C]
17/01/1903 6 Baughurst Annual Tea and Treat for Tabernacle Sunday School - Xmas Tree. Book prizes for attendance awarded to Margaret Smith, Florence Butler, Albert Hedges, Frederick Hedges, Robert, Richard and Joseph Smith.
24/01/1903 6 Baughurst Annual tea for Church Sunday School - Prizes for attendance to Ellis Jones, Dorothy Allen, Herbert James, Evelyn Allen, Carrie Webb, Edward Shrive and Mable Appleby.
24/01/1903 8 Silchester Marriage of Miss Minnie Goddard and James Fisher - write-up includes guests and presents given. [C]
31/01/1903 6 Tadley School Board - Rose Stacey s (new monitoress) application to be a pupil teacher considered. School enlargement (extension) (ongoing) cheque to builders approved.
07/02/1903 7 Tadley Ronald Vernon s original Dioramic Exhibition of Canada in Church Room. [C]
14/02/1903 4 Silchester Dickens Farm, Silchester, will not now be offered by auction.
21/02/1903 5 Mortimer Inquest at The Turner s Arms - Frederick Taylor, age 53, who died from a fall into a local gravel pit. [C]
21/02/1903 5 Tadley Concert in the Church Iron Room - Dr Langley and Mr H Morris were the main entertainers. [C]
21/02/1903 6 Silchester Death and funeral of Mrs E Stacey, age 36. She leaves a husband and family of seven little ones. [C]
21/02/1903 6 Silchester Death and funeral of Mrs Ellen Hayward, age 40, wife of Mr J G Hayward of Compton , Silchester. [C]
21/02/1903 6 Silchester Concert organised by Miss Langshaw at Silchester School provided first-rate entertainment. [C]
21/02/1903 6 Charter Alley Band of Hope meeting - in the Primitive Methodist Church. There were recitations and duets; also a gramophone, which amused the children. [C]
21/02/1903 6 Little London Twenty seven members entered the Slate Club . [C]
21/02/1903 7 Tadley A Long Night Dance in connection with the dancing class took place in the Church Room; 60 to 70 present. [C]
21/02/1903 7 Tadley Death of Mrs Fidler of Tadley Hill, sister to Mrs Hussey. Funeral was in Welford, using a single horse hearse for whole distance. [C]
21/02/1903 7 Baughurst Magic Lantern Entertainment, illustrating mission work in West Africa in Tabernacle by Mr F W Webber of Basingstoke. [C]
28/02/1903 7 Tadley School board monthly report.
28/02/1903 8 Ramsdell Medical Officer of Health closed Ramsdale School on account of an epidemic of mumps.
07/03/1903 4 Tadley Sale of 350 splendid oak trees standing in Brown Hill Wyford, Bishop s Woods coppices and near Skates Farm. [C]
14/03/1903 7 Tadley An evening of Song at the Primitive Methodist Chapel with Miss E Cripps at the harmonium. Collection in aid of Sunday School funds [C]
14/03/1903 7 Tadley Board School children examined in religious knowledge. [C]
14/03/1903 7 Tadley Sympson s Charity Annual Parish Meeting - accounts were produced and passed. Letter from Mr Roller re the taking of gravel from the common was read, also a War Office letter re manoeuvres this coming summer. [C]
14/03/1903 7 Tadley Death and funeral of Mrs Langley of Kiln House Tadley - this death cast quite a gloom among the parishioners of Tadley and surrounding districts. [C]
21/03/1903 2 Mortimer Coroner s report on the murder of the daughter of Elizabeth and Eli West.
21/03/1903 5 Basingstoke Work has begun on Basingstoke s new red brick railway station. Completion expected in Spring 1905.
Baughurst For Sale - 3 Strong Store Pigs apply A Bowman, Baughurst
28/03/1903 7 Tadley Wooton and Tadley School Board - epidemic of sore throats.
04/04/1903 8 Silchester Sad death of Mrs (George) Nash
04/04/1903 8 Silchester Parish meeting - wind up of Coronation Committee; £11 surplus.
04/04/1903 8 Silchester Cricket Club meeting.
11/04/1903 5 Ramsdell Ramsdale school drainage problem.
11/04/1903 5 Baughurst Lecture by rector - The Passion .
11/04/1903 5 Tadley Attempted wife murder and suicide Tadley.
18/04/1903 6 Baughurst Annual Public Tea in Tabernacle.
18/04/1903 6 Baughurst Vestry and annual parish meeting.
18/04/1903 7 Tadley Shocking Occurrence at Tadley - husband murderously attacks his wife. [C]
18/04/1903 8 Aldermaston Fire among rods stored at wharf - fire engines from Englefield House and Strange s Brewery attended. [C]
18/04/1903 8 Ramsdell Sudden death of labourer - George Barrett age 6.
25/04/1903 2 Baughurst Parish council meeting. [C]
25/04/1903 2 Baughurst AGM of Tadley, Baughurst and Ewhurst Unionist Association. [C]
25/04/1903 2 Tadley Easter services at Primitive Methodist Chapel with local bands. [C]
25/04/1903 5 Silchester Sad death of Miss Ann Elizabeth Dicker, age 45, of Dicker s Farm.
25/04/1903 8 Baughurst Liberal Party meeting - address by G Judd, Liberal candidate West Hants Division.
02/05/1903 4 Pamber For Sale - 9 strong store pigs, 9 weeks old - F Hunt Pamber Green.
02/05/1903 5 Silchester Funeral of Mrs Ann Elizabeth Dickers.
02/05/1903 6 Pamber Death of oldest inhabitant, Mrs Ann Chapple, widow of the late John Chapple. [C]
02/05/1903 8 Tadley Concert in Church Mission Hall - special praise to Idenden family as amateur instrumentalists. [C]
09/05/1903 4 Baughurst For sale - butter churn - makes 3 lbs. £1 - A H Bowman Upper Farm Baughurst.
16/05/1903 6 Silchester An artist s tenancy - debt of £6 rent; Basingstoke County Court. [C]
16/05/1903 6 Silchester A Silchester grocery business - a bogus transfer against Mrs S Young. [C]
16/05/1903 7 Silchester Silchester Common - alleged encroachment - action by The Duke of Wellington against Mr Yates faggot pile . [C]
16/05/1903 7 Pamber Farmer s claim action against Mr Wm Follett of Ravenscroft Farm. [C]
16/05/1903 7 Baughurst Death of oldest inhabitant - Mrs Charlotte Hawkins, age 97.
16/05/1903 7 Baughurst Hospital Sunday Parade - £20 1s 8d to Royal Berks Hospital. [C]
23/05/1903 7 Baughurst Confirmation Service in Parish Church - 27 candidates.
30/05/1903 2 Silchester Silchester Common - the alleged encroachments; Duke of Wellington v Mr Yates (grocer). [C]
30/05/1903 3 Silchester Cricket match - Silchester v Padworth (playes names included).
30/05/1903 3 Mortimer Cricket match - Mortimer West End v Bucklebury Fireside (with names).
30/05/1903 5 Tadley Tadley Hospital Parade - notice of public meeting in Iron Room.
30/05/1903 6 Ramsdell School Drainage Question.
Eton Fire at Eton College - 2 boys burnt to death.
06/06/1903 5 Silchester Sad Death of Mrs Knight (29), wife of Henry Knight.
06/06/1903 6 Mortimer Another sad death - Edward Giles (21), a Silchester cricketer.
06/06/1903 7 Baughurst Primitive Methodists held their annual camp meeting service.
Basingstoke T Burberry advert: Clear on Saturday June 13 at 11 o clock am, we give away 1000 hats (one to each customer) on the occasion of purchasing entire stock of Mr G Overton, Draper, of 42 Aston Road, Birmingham. [C]
13/06/1903 1 Silchester Messrs J Goddard, undertakers of Silchester, have now obtained a single horse hearse. [C]
13/06/1903 2 Silchester Silchester Excavations - details of last year s work expenditure £500. [C]
13/06/1903 7 Silchester Encroachments on Silchester Common - Judgement for Lord of Manor. [C]
20/06/1903 7 Charter Alley Sunday School Anniversary at Primitive Methodist Church.
27/06/1903 6 Baughurst Choir treat to perform at Winchester Church Festival.
27/06/1903 6 Baughurst Parish Council Quarterly meeting in schoolroom - request gravel-pit extension.
27/06/1903 7 Ramsdell Rev S Leadbetter of Southampton, and former vicar of Ramsdale, has effected an exchange with Rev J E Hatch of Plumpton.
27/06/1903 8 Aldermaston Masonic Lodge elected Brother W G Crombie as their Worshipful Master.
04/07/1903 7 Mortimer Conviction and sentence - Elizabeth West, wife of Eli West, for killing of her new-born child. [C]
04/07/1903 7 Tadley Hospital Parade headed by Tadley, Baughurst and Salvation Army bands. [C]
05/07/1903 5 Kingsclere John Porter erected a stone in Kindsclere Churchyard in memory of his wife.
07/07/1903 7 Tadley The Fighting Cocks destroyed by fire; landlord (Thomas Benham) injured. [C]
18/07/1903 6 Tadley Death of Mrs Hannah Huzzey (aged 76) of Tadley Hill. [C]
18/07/1903 6 Silchester Sale by auction of building sites on Silchester Common. [C]
18/07/1903 8 Aldermaston Reading Natural History Society spent the afternoon in the grounds of Aldermaston Court.
18/07/1903 8 Mortimer Charge of arson against John Simpson firing of wheat straw rick. [C]
25/07/1903 4 Tadley Notice - Stanley Villa now sold!
25/07/1903 8 Pamber A pretty wedding - Florence King (Elm Far) to William Bartlett. [C]
25/07/1903 8 Baughurst Anniversary services held at The Mission Hall.
01.08.1903 2 Mortimer West End 2nd Annual Horticultural show - big write-up with many names.
01.08.1903 6 TAD Tadley Day celebrations, a revival of Revel Monday. [C]
01.08.1903 8 SIL Silchester Primitive Methodist Connexion - annual Circuit meeting. [C]
08.08.1903 5 Baughurst Foreign Mission garden meeting.
08.08.1903 8 Mortimer West End Horticultural Show prize winners - lots of names.
15.08.1903 6 Baughurst Annual Government School Report - Band concert in Mr James meadow by the Reading Temperance Prize Band.
15.08.1903 7 Tadley Wootton & Tadley School Board - special meeting to approve payment for Tadley School enlargement and agreement to borrow £422 for Ramsdale School. [C]
15.08.1903 8 Ramsdell Ramsdale & Ewhurst Garden Exhibition in Holly Bush meadow. [C]
15.08.1903 8 Tadley Funeral of Miss Sarah Monger aged 21 at St Peter s. [C]
15.08.1903 8 Pamber Extraordinary ducks - eggs laid at nine weeks old. [C]
15.08.1903 8 Pamber Funeral of Miss Eliza Pether aged 87 of Ravenscroft Farm. [C]
15.08.1903 8 Silchester Temperance Fete in Mr G Ford s meadow. [C]
22.08.1903 5 Baughurst School treat for 120 national school children to Edward Allen s Manor Farm.
29.08.1903 5 Mortimer Primitive Methodist Sunday School Red Letter Day.
05.09.1903 1 Silchester Death on 29 August of John Bartlett, age 88, of Dial Cottage.
05.09.1903 6 Ashford Hill Funeral of the late Mrs T North (80).
05.09.1903 6 Silchester Dr Langley about again after recent bereavement.
05.09.1903 6 Silchester Visit of Revd and Mrs Fiennes, former rector.
05.09.1903 6 Silchester Death and funeral of John Bartlett.
12.09.1903 1 Charter Alley Birth of a son to John Stanley of Pitts Lanes Farm.
12.09.1903 5 Baughurst Great storm of last Thursday night local damage.
12.09.1903 6 Baughurst Election of Manager for National School on Parish Council. Mr Goodenough offered himself but no seconder; J Smith proposed and seconded.
19.09.1903 7 Silchester Hampshire Field Club visit to Silchester Calleva Atrebatum.
26.09.1903 7 Tadley Final meeting of Tadley and Wooton School Board.
10.10.1903 8 Ramsdell Wedding of Miss Emily Alfreda Dove to Mr Frederick John Whitear of Anstey Mill, Alton at Christ Church Ramsdale.
10.10.1903 8 Ewhurst The Duke of Wellington had the honour of dining with the King.
17.10.1903 6 Tadley Harvest Thanksgiving Service at Congregational Church led by Pastor W Robilliard. Magic Lantern show on 37 years rescue work among Waifs . [C]
17.10.1903 6 Baughurst Harvest Thanksgiving at Primitive Methodist Church.
24.10.1903 7 Tadley Primitive Methodist Chapel Harvest Thanksgiving Mr Gould.
24.10.1903 7 Baughurst Parish Church Harvest Thanksgiving Service conducted by Rev Crowley.
24.10.1903 8 Silchester Harvest Thanksgiving at Parish Church of St Mary. Rev Longshaw. [C]
24.10.1903 8 Pamber Harvest Thanksgiving Revd Sweetapple presided.
24.10.1903 8 Little London Harvest Thanksgiving at Mission Church led by Revd Sweetapple. Thanks given to J Herbert Benyon (owner of church) for recent renovations.
07.11.1903 5 Silchester Report of 1903 Calleva excavations. [C]
07.11.1903 5 Silchester Wedding of Miss Fanny Yates to Henry James Shering - names of attendees. [C]
21.11.1903 5 Silchester Testimonial to Mr A Smallbone - presented with cash present on his move.
21.11.1903 6 Basingstoke King and Queen of Italy passed through Basingstoke station en route to Windsor.
21.11.1903 7 Tadley Primitive Methodist Chapel Mission services - with collections for Missions.
21.11.1903 7 Baughurst Parish Council letter to District Council re "...dangerous condition of wooden footbridge at Haughurst Hill and bad state of Dunkets Lane...". [C]
28.11.1903 7 Tadley Band of Hope recently enrolled 80 juveniles. [C]
28.11.1903 7 Silchester Managers appointed under new Education Act. [C]
28.11.1903 7 Silchester Band of Hope annual tea and entertainment (80 children, 40 adults). [C]
05/12/1903 6 Tadley Petty Sessions - alleged cruelty to a horse at Tadley by Alfred Hewlett and his son - case dismissed. [C]
05/12/1903 6 Baughurst Waif Saturday - collection for Dr Barnardo s - £215s 0d; collectors named. [C]
05/12/1903 8 Pamber Heath Accident to Mr James Smith, of Yew Tree Cottage Laundry, Pamber, as he was returning home with washing in pony and trap.
12/12/1903 6 Tadley Church Lads Brigade - inspection by Major Dunne at Heath End Church.
12/12/1903 6 Baughurst Entertainment by the Baughurst Snowdrop minstrels in the schoolroom. [C]
12/12/1903 6 Silchester Concert in the Impstone Reading Room by permission of Mr J J Cooper. [C]
12/12/1903 8 Ramsdell Waif Saturday collection for Dr Barnardoís - £1.5s.7d.
12/12/1903 8 Ramsdell Cricket Club committee meeting.
12/12/1903 8 Mortimer Band of Hope entertainment in Congregational Church.
12/12/1903 8 Tadley Arthur Stacey fined 10s for being asleep while in charge of horse and cart.
Silchester Visit of Church Army Van.
Silchester Church Choir and Ringers Supper in Silchester schoolroom.
26/12/1903 5 Ramsdell Revd Joseph Fuller, vicar of Ramsdale 1867 - 1893, died on 2 December.
26/12/1903 7 Silchester Death and Burial of Mr John Pope aged 66.
26/12/1903 7 Silchester Entertainment in the Primitive Methodist Chapel.

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