Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1903.

Items marked [C] have been copied by TADS.

Date Page Village News
Issue date Page Village Combination
02/01/1904 8 Ramsdell Local Hampshire Friendly Society - quarterly meeting in schoolroom.
02/01/1904 8 Ramsdell Sunday School Christmas treat.
09/01/1904 5 Little London Slate Club - end of year pay-out to 15 members - 15s 9d each.
09/01/1904 5 Silchester School reopens after holiday repairs and redecoration by Messrs Goddard and Sons. [C]
09/01/1904 5 Silchester Sad accident in the Church - to Mr James Goddard who was taken up by the tenor bell and dropped down amongst the seats". He is progressing favourably. [C]
09/01/1904 5 Silchester "1903 has rolled away". Remembered for its continuous rains and the disastrous times for farmers. Nevertheless 52 people sat down to the annual dinner. [C]
09/01/1904 5 Ramsdell Pig Club - annual meeting of Ramsdale Pig Club held in School room. [C]
09/01/1904 6 Baughurst Annual Christmas Tea given to scholars of the Tabernacle School
09/01/1904 6 Baughurst Bell ringers supper on New Year s Eve
16/01/1904 3 Mortimer West End Vicarís Entertainment - Invitation by Rev and Mrs Rooke followed by Sunday School tea next day
16/01/1904 3 Bramley Bramley Foresters New Year Supper - Court Number 5525 also called The Pride of Bramley Street . This is quite a large write-up with plenty of detail and names.
16/01/1904 7 Baughurst Scholars attending Church Sunday school and Girls Friendly Society were invited to the Rector s for tea.
23/01/1904 5 Silchester Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band plays in Primitive Methodist Chapel.
23/01/1904 8 Baughurst Rector distributed George Lamb prizes to Elsie Appleton, Beatrice Appleton, Frederick Riley and Frederick Kent.
30/01/1904 8 Baughurst Mission visit of No 1 Winchester Church Army van.
30/01/1904 8 Baughurst School report of Religious Education was satisfactory.
30/01/1904 8 Baughurst Wedding in Parish Church - Miss Annie Long and Mr Albert Woods.
Tadley Passive Resistance Movement - Local passive resisters league formed; 30 ratepayers joined.
12/02/1904 8 Tadley Entertainment given at Congregational Church by Silchester Choir.
Ashford Hill Sale of goods of the Passive Resisters from Ashford Hill and Burghclere, for not having paid the educational portion of the Poor Rate. [C]
Tadley Entertainment by Silchester Methodist Choir in the Chapel.
Baughurst Lantern lecture by Dr Sweetapple, Rector of Monk Sherborne, on the Introduction of Christianity into this country .
20/02/1904 7 Silchester School Concert.
05/03/1904 6 Silchester Gorse Fire last Tuesday near a thatched cottage.
05/03/1904 6 Silchester Hydes Charity - Richard Hyde - 14s to each of the poorest parishioners.
05/03/1904 6 Baughurst Lecture in schoolroom by the Rector.
05/03/1904 8 Silchester Entertainment in Primitive Methodist Chapel in aid of the new organ fund .
19/03/1904 5 Tadley Resistence to Education Act of 1902 has reached Tadley - meeting in schoolroom.
19/03/1904 6 Baughurst Annual parish meeting in school-scanty attendance-yearís expenses £1.13.3d.
9.4.1904 6 Tadley Cricket match at The Fox & Hounds: Married v Singles, followed by a nice spread .
9.4.1904 6 Pamber Pretty wedding at Priory Church. Ernest J Stamp married Martha Jane Hughes, both of Pamber.
9.4.1904 8 Mortimer West End Death and funeral of Matthew Ford, senior partner of George Ford & Sons, farmer, timber and underwood merchants. He was also well known as a valuer and measuring surveyor.
9.4.1904 8 Tadley Sparrow Club supporters and members annual dinner at Old Malt House. Report showed 1,170 birds had been caught with funds in a flourishing condition.
9.4.1904 8 Silchester New burial ground at the churchyard to be consecrated by Bishop of Southampton.
9.4.1904 8 Baughurst Inquest at The New Inn on the body of Nellie Maria Kernutt, age 6 daughter, of Isacc Kernutt. [C]
9.4.1904 8 Little London Service of Song, entitled Eva at the Mission Church. [C]
9.4.1904 8 Little London Sparrow Club dinner at The Old Plough Inn. Funds showed 9s 3d with 778 sparrows being taken. [C]
16.4.1904 7 Baughurst Easter Vestry Meeting - small attendance. [C]
23.4.1904 7 Various Annual meeting of Ewehurst, Baughurst and Tadley Conservative Association.
30.4.1904 7 Baughurst Advance notice of Hospital Sunday Parade on 8 May.
7.5.1904 4 Baughurst Auction sale of picturesque thatched cottage known as Browning Hill Cottage.
14.5.1904 8 Silchester Elliot's Farm abandoned by tenant, Mr G Parker.
21.5.1904 6 Baughurst Presentation to the Rector and his wife on their leaving by Mr Stokes of Inhurst House.
Baughurst Primitive Methodist Church Camp Meeting in Mr Bowman's field.
Tadley Congreational Sunday School anniversary followed in evening by a service of song entitled Blind Betty's Text . Attendance well above 400. [C]
Tadley Court Pride of Tadley (Foresters') fete and dinner at The Fox and Hounds.
28.5.1904 7 Silchester Arson to a barn by Henry Waite, property of trustees of Hyde's Charity.
4.6.1904 4 Mortimer For sale - Good sound building bricks ; apply C Mordell and Sons Brickworks Mortimer.
4.6.1904 5 Mortimer Passive Resisters (to education act rate) fined.
4.6.1904 7 Silchester Fire at Shepards Barn (Hyde's Charity) - case dismissed.
18.6.1904 6 Baughurst Primative Methodist Chapel anniversay services throughout the day conducted by Mr J Pike of Thatcham. Collections amounted to £1.13s.11/2d.
18.6.1904 6 Tadley Tadley and District Hospital Parade to be held on 26 June.
25.6.1904 7 Baughurst Death and funeral of Mrs Leavey (75), wife of George Leavey, late of Baughurst. Funeral conducted by vicar Revd Durham.
2.7.1904 6 Baughurst Parish Council quartley meeting Mr Kimbrey, of Footpaths Committee, authorised to see Mr Bowman re barbed wire obstruction through Bolts from Baughurst Road to Violet Lane. [C]
2.7.1904 6 Baughurst Induction of Rev W S Steggall - late curate at Fleet. [C]
2.7.1904 6 Tadley Tadley and District Hospital Parade with Tadley Baughurst Silchester Salvation Brass bands. [C]
9.7.1904 7 Mortimer Mortimer West End Horticultural Show to be held 21 July on meadow land adjacent to Weat End Farm, by kind permission of Mr F C Hume).
16.7.1904 6 Pamber Garden boundary dispute - William Broadhurst v Esan Wigley on Pamber Road.
16.7.1904 8 Silchester Funeral of Mr Charles Clift (31); second funeral in new graveyard.
16.7.1904 8 Silchester Cottage fire - owned by Mrs Bowman occupied by her nephew.
23.7.1904 5 Mortimer Horticultural Show results - [lots of names].
23.7.1904 5 Charter Alley Pmimitive Methodist Chapel anniversary - 500 sat down for tea!!
30.7.1904 8 Silchester Childrens outing to Portsmouth and Southsea, by train from Bramley station, arranged by Mrs Thatcher, headmistress. [C]
30.7.1904 8 Pamber Flower Service at Priory Church with a contingent from Little London Sunday School - flowers sent to Basingstoke Cottage Hospital. [C]
30.7.1904 8 Tadley Annual Tadley Revel - was kept on Monday last. Included cricket match on Recreation Ground, followed by capital spread at The Fighting Cocks.
6.8.1904 7 Baughurst School Treat - Primitave Methodist Church Sunday School held in Mr Pearce's meadow.
13.8.1904 2 Inhurst Sale of Grantham s Farm and Haughurst Hill Meadow, Inhurst. [C]
13.8.1904 2 Silchester To Let - Hall's Farm, Silchester; to include farmhouse, buildings and about 70 acres with a good supply of water. [C]
13.8.1904 6 Tadley Friendly game of cricket at The Fox and Hounds, between Tadley Sycamore and Wolverton Park clubs; followed by a spread by Mrs Butler with time spent in harmony later.
13.8.1904 6 Ramsdell Ramsdale and Ewhurst Cottage Garden Society - flower show at Holly Bush in Mr F Allen's meadow. [lots of names] [C]
20.8.1904 6 Silchester Theft of money (£12) from James Wheeler's carrier cart - given a lenient sentence of two months hard labour. [C]
20.8.1904 6 Pamber Inquest at The Old House at Home on Arthur Bowler, age 56. [C]
20.8.1904 6 Baughurst Special Parish Council Meeting held in Schoolroom. [C]
20.8.1904 6 Baughurst School Treat for 110 scholars attending the National School held in Rectory grounds. [C]
27.8.1904 6 Baughurst Scholars of National School scored very successfully in Needlework and Knitting competition at the Kingsclere Flower Show.
3.9.1904 5 Tadley Charge of Assult William Grainger charged Abraham Cotterell of Tadley. Case adjourned. [C]
3.9.1904 5 Tadley The Education Rate - eight Tadley men summonded for non-payment of Poor Rate relating to education. [C]
3.9.1904 5 Woolhampton Car ran into one of the horses of Duke of Wellington and his two sons - too fast and dusty to see number. [C]
3.9.1904 6 Aldermaston Abbey Gateway Mission (Reading) outing to Aldermaston Court by kind permission of Mr Keyser. [C]
10.9.1904 4 Pamber Sale of household furniture and outdoor effects at The Old Hatchet, public house.
10.9.1904 4 Basingstoke Sale of Basingstoke Canal by Public Auction. Canal little used - expectation of electric barges. [C]
10.9.1904 4 Baughurst To Let - Tho Smiths , old established business in rising neighbourhood. Apply H Shearing Baughurst.
10.9.1904 6 Baughurst Sermon at parish Church preached on behalf of Church Missionary Society.
17.9.1904 4 Tadley Vyne Tree Farm, Tadley. - Sale of live and dead stock.
1.10.1904 7 Aldermaston Harvest Festival at parish church - lesson by C E Keyser. Collection £5.10s.7d to Royal Berks Hospital.
1.10.1904 8 Silchester Death of Mr William David Baker.
1.10.1904 8 Silchester Death of Mrs Ann Cooper - wife of James Cooper, caretaker of the Roman remains, who was always very proud to wear his Crimean medals on special days.
1.10.1904 8 Silchester Silchester Cricket Club - cricket season wound-up.
8.10.1904 7 Tadley Harvest Festival - St Mary's Church, Heath End; collection £2.1s.4d to the poor.
8.10.1904 7 Baughurst Silver Wedding of Mr and Mrs Goodenough of London House.
8.10.1904 7 Baughurst Harvest Festival at Primitive Methodist Chiuch; collection £6.1s.7d, to repairs and painting to chapel.
15.10.1904 7 Baughurst Harvest Festival at Parish Church - collection £3.4s.3d, to Basingstoke and Reading hospitals.
15.10.1904 7 Pamber Harvest Festival at Pamber Heath Mission Room.
15.10.1904 7 Tadley Harvest Festival - Both Churchs beautifully decorated.
22.10.1904 5 Silchester Funeral of Mrs Sheppard of Silchester.
22.10.1904 7 Baughurst Harvest Festival in Baughurst Tabernacle.
29.10.1904 7 Silchester Funeral of Mrs Hinds, wife of Sgt Hinds of 1st Hampshire Regiment; lots of names.
12.11.1904 7 Baughurst Reading Room of the Parish opened for the winter months by permission of the Rector - 1d per evening.
19.11.1904 5 Baughurst Mr F Goodenough (elder son of Mr and Mrs Goodenough of London House) won prize offered by Silchester Deanery for his essay on The Work of the Church in Modern Times .
26.11.1904 4 Baughurst Advert - H H Attwood begs to inform the inhabitants of Baughurst that he has taken over the old established business: Shoeing and jobbing smith - horses carefully shod.
26.11.1904 7 Baughurst Nigger Entertainment by the Snowdrop Ministrels in schoolroom - [full programme and lots of names]. [C]
3.12.1904 4 Pamber Heath Short Notice of Sale Elm Farm, Pamber, including furniture, dairy fittings and three horses; by instruction of Mr C King who is leaving the neighourhood. [C]
3.12.1904 5 Baughurst Mr Westwood of Cleethorpes has recently held an eleven day mission at the Primitive methodist Chapel.
3.12.1904 5 Baughurst Waif Saturday - collection in aid of Dr Barnado's Homes - £2.12s. (with names of collectors).
3.12.1904 5 Silchester The affairs of Arthur James Goddard - summary of his debitors statements. [C]
3.12.1904 8 All Eathquake Shock in North Hants - felt in many local villages last Friday around midday. [C]
17.12.1904 4 Pamber Heath For Sale - Table fowl; P Tull, Pamber Heath.
17.12.1904 6 Silchester Bankruptcy of Mr A J Goddard, builder and contractor of Silchester, held at The Castle Winchester. [C]
17.12.1904 7 Baughurst Parish Council - Quartley meeting request to Mr Bennett (woodman to Duke of Wellington) requesting bushes near the Pound and overgrowing the Church Path be cut. [C]
17.12.1904 7 Pamber Heath Sudden death of Mr Arthur Cripps inquest  held at the Old Hatchet Inn. Verdict: heart disease. [C]
24.12.1904 4 Basingstoke Local view post cards in stock at  The Gazette offices, Basingstoke; one penny each. (21 listed). [C]
24.12.1904 6 Baughurst School report of religious instruction by Revd G T Andrews (Dioceasen Inspector).
31.12.1904 4 Baughurst Sale of freehold cottage by auction at The New Inn , Baughurst, by direction of executors of late Mrs D Kearl. Situated in Holly Bush Lane, Baughurst; currently rented to J Wallace and W North (annual rental £10.17s.6d). [C]
31.12.1904 8 Little London Slate Club wound-up at The Plough Inn . 27 members shared 26s.9d including 2/6 for the dinner.

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