Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1905.

Items marked [C] have been copied by TADS.


Date Page Village News
7 January 5 Baughurst Choir invited to rector's evening service on New Year's Day.
7 January 5 Baughurst Pretty wedding of Arthur James of Causeway Farm and Jane Maylin of Baughurst.
14 January 6 Baughurst Social evening in schoolroom organised by Messrs Goodenough and Smith; songs by A Stacey and Mrs Goodenough.
21 January 6 Baughurst Tabernacle Sunday School Christmas tree and treat.
21 January 6 Baughurst Mothers' Union and Girls Friendly Society treat.
21 January 6 Silchester Church choir and ringers social evening in school room.
21 January 6 Ramsdell Death of Mr H J Leavey age 45 (third son of the late George Leavey).
21 January 8 Tadley YPSCE - Basingstoke and District Endeavour Union meeting in Tadley Congregational Chapel.
4 February 6 Baughurst Band of Hope entertainment in chapel. Mr P Appleton presiding.
11 February 7 Baughurst Social evening in schoolroom programme of dances, songs and recitations.
11 February 7 Baughurst Entertainment from Salvation Army in Primitive Methodist Chapel collection for lighting and fuel fund.
18 February 4 Silchester Auction sale of old fashioned six roomed cottage situated on The Common.
18 February 8 Tadley Visit of Mr G Judd, Liberal cadidate for West Hants, in the Iron Room on Wednesday.
25 February 8 Ramsdell Childrens entertainment.
4 March 6 Silchester Entertainment in Primitive Methodist Chapel by the choir assisted by friends collection for Chapel funds.
4 March 7 Baughurst George Lamb Prize bibles distributed by the rector.
4 March 7 Baughurst Nigger concert by village snowdrop minstrels in schoolroom.
11 March 6 Baughurst Social evening in schoolroom with dances and songs. [C]
11 March 6 Baughurst Severe fire destroyed Ebeneser Mission Hall including fittings and harmonium. [C]
18 March 5 Tadley Smoking concert in Room by Tadley, Baughurst and Ewehurst Conservative and Unionist Assn.
18 March 5 Baughurst Enterainment in Primitive Methodist Chapel led by members of Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band.
25 March 6 Ramsdell Cricket Club committee meeting under Rev C R Dereham future matches requested with the Tadley Sycamores.
25 March 7 Tadley Sale by auction for executors of the late Mr Thomas Lambden at The Fighting Cocks of two brick and slate built cottages. [C]
25 March 8 Ramsdell Cycling accident Two ladies (not named) lost control of their machines on the Kingsclere Road. [C]
25 March 8 Ramsdell Night School Supper pupils entertained by Mr and Mrs Frogbrook. Some students to continue cobbling in their homes. [C]
8 April 3 Baughurst Entertainment by Baughurst Band of Hope at a tea in Primitive Methodist Chapel
8 April 7 Little London Sprarrow Club annual supper reported that a good numer of sparrows were destroyed .
15 April 5 Silchester Lantern Services held on Wednesday at St Marys, Silchester
15 April 5 Silchester School managers meeting to discuss letting of the teacher's house to the County Council.
22 April 4 Basingstoke Burberry's fire Good for pictures
22 April 6 Tadley Sparrow Club Annual Dinner at theOold Malthouse Inn. Report showed that 1,500 heads of sparrows had been 'shewn in' .. so that this vast number of birds will return no more to be a worry and a loss to gardeners and farmers... but plenty left and all kinds of schemes and devices have to be resorted to if a dish of grren peas is to be enjoyed later on when the ducks are ready."
22 April 8 Baughurst Parish meeting in the schoolroom Messrs James and Kimbrey re-appointed as Overseers. [C]
29 April 6 Baughurst Easter Vestry held in Schollroom. Mr Stokes of Inhurst house re-elected as Rector's Warden. [C]
29 April 6 Baughurst Primitive Methodists held their annual bazarr and tea on Good Friday in Mr Bowman's barn. Proceeds devoted to renovation of Chapel and the reduction of debt on Wootton Circuit House. [C]
29 April 8 Baughurst Public Tea in Tabernacle on Good Friday, followed in the evening by a Service. [C]
6 May 4 Basingstoke Letter to Editor about Burberry's recent fire [C]
6 May 6 Baughurst Concert organised by Mrs Lyall of "Newbies". Among visitors were Stoke's (Inhurst Ho), Connel's (Heath End Ho), Singleton's (Baughurst Ho), Mrs Phillips (Wilderness) ...etc... and Mr Opee (Pamber Heath). Concluding with dialoge by Mrs Roller. [C]
6 May 6 Tadley Sunday School anniversary services at Primitive Methodist Chapel. [C]
6 May 6 Mortimer West End Carriage apron stolen by Henry White from Mr Foster (Cllitty Fam) - remanded in custody [C]
6 May 8 Baughurst Hospital Parade "red letter day of the village" route detailed 3,056 coins, 46lbs, £21 13s 11d to Reading Hospital [C]
13 May 8 Silchester Entertainment in Silchester Schools - £5 towards Choir Fund. [C]
20 May 7 Pamber Heath Sale of various properties at The College Arms.
27 May 3 Basingstoke Unusual advertisment for Burberry's.
27 May 7 Baughurst County Council ordered parishes of Ewehurst and Baughurst be "disannexed" from Tadley polling district.
27 May 7 Baughurst Cycle Club - first meeting - entrance fee 2s 6d and 6d per month. First run to Cottington Hill.
3 June 5 Tadley Quoit Match Malthouse Quoit Club versus Monk Serbourne. (names of competitors).
3 June 5 Baughurst Quoit Match at George and Dragon between teams of T Austin and G Freeman (names ). [C]
10 June 6 Baughurst Cricket Club started in parish. F Stokes (Inhurst Ho) voted President.
17 June 6 Baughurst Camp Meeting in Primitive Methodist Chapel.
8 July 6 Tadley Dispute about Timber Work. Absolom Cottrell against John Buckland at Bas. County Court. C
8 July 6 Baughurst Church Bells - meeting to decide about the repair - decision landowners and residents to be approached
8 July 6 Tadley Dispute about Timber Work. Absolom Cottrell against John Buckland at Bas. County Court. C
8 July 6 Baughurst Church Bells - meeting to decide about the repair - decision landowners and residents to be approached
15 July 7 Ramsdell Return cricket match against Little London
22 July 7 Baughurst Annual Government reoprt on school
29 July 5 Mortimer WE Halter stolen at flower show
29 July 7 Baughurst Policeman posted . P.C. Gregory has been removed to Pennington and succeeded by P.C. Oakley C
29 July 7 Baughurst Choir outing to Bournemouth, courtesy of Rector and churchwardens C
29 July 7 Baughurst Band concert, Reading Temperance Bandís annual concert in Mr Jameís meadow at Causeway Farm C
5 August 8 Tadley Tadley Revel Monday Dinner provided by Mr Benham, landlord of Fighting Cocks C
5 August 8 Tadley Forestersí Fete "Pride of Tadley" Court celebrated anniversary at clubhouse, Fox & Hounds C
12 August 7 Baughurst Tabernacle Anniversary Services. Miss Scutler of Basingstoke preached
12 August 7 Baughurst School tea given by Rector and his wife
12 August 7 Ramsdell Cottage Garden show - Ramsdale and Ewhurst Garden Association at Hollybush Meadow
19 August 7 Ramsdell Charge of housebreaking - John Weston accused of breaking into Mr Thomas Powellís house
26 August 7 Aldermaston Thomas Eastman charged with firing two ricks at William Kempsís farm. £200 damage. Discharged
2 September 6 Baughurst Lecture on National Defence by Colonel Lynden-Bell C
2 September 6 Baughurst Church Bells - special service after bells were repaired and re-hung C
2 September 6 Tadley Silver Wedding celebrations. Mr & Mrs John Stacey celebrated 25th anniversary (many names) C
9 September 3 Kingsclere Kingsclere Stable - Retirement of John Porter
16 September 4 Pamber Heath Sale of Tile Barn Farm by Mr James Smith (retiring from farming)
30 September
Mortimer West End Congregational Church Harvest Thanksgiving Service in ëquaint little buildingí
30 September 6 Silchester Harvest Festival services at Primitive Methodist Chapel
7 October 6 Ramsdell Evening School commences on 10th. Particulars from Mr Frogbrook C
7 October 6 Ramsdell Tenant in prison. Order to eject John Weston from cottage at Sheepwash, Ramsdale C
7 October 6 Baughurst Harvest Supper given by W.J. Walker Esq of Wolverton Park to his farmworkers C
7 October 6 Pamber Heath Paying Rates Under Protest. Frank Kimber & Frederick Hunt summoned for non-payment of sectarian priest rate after peaceful protest. C
7 October 8 Charter Alley Mammoth marrow grown by Mr Froome of West Heath 28" long, 21" round, weighing 55lb
14 October 7 Baughurst Harvest Thanksgiving at primitive Methodist Chapel. Produce auctioned and £4.16s raised
21 October 8 Silchester Harvest Festival at St Maryís
4 November 8 Baughurst Reading Room opened by kind permission Mr Stokes of Inhurst House - games etc.
18 November 6 Baughurst Half-yearly audit of His Grace the Duke of Wellingtonís property in George & Dragon C
18 November 6 Baughurst Waif Saturday. Annual collection by children of National School £2.13s 6d. collected. Many names C
18 November 6 Silchester William Broadhurst ejected from cottage belonging to Duke of Wellington. (Rent £4.10s p.a.) C
18 November 6 Baughurst Half-yearly audit of His Grace the Duke of Wellingtonís property in George & Dragon C
18 November 6 Tadley ëA Bag of Nine Rabbitsí. Three Tadley boys accused of poaching. Fined 10 shillings each C
18 November 7 Mortimer West End Lecture in Primitive Methodist Chapel ëThe Mischief Making Memberí by Rev Pickett
25 November 6 Pamber Heath Arthur Long accused of stealing a sack of chaff valued at half a crown C
25 November 8 Silchester Roman Ruins annual supper for dig members at The Crown Inn


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