Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1906.

Items marked [C] have been copied by TADS.



Date Page Village News
January 2 Bramley Roman Road Silchester to Winchester discoveries.
6 January 4 Basingstoke For Sale 2 Pianos by Burberrys
6 January 5 Little London Slate Club Payout" £39.7s.6d gross, £30. 7s 6d nett.
6 January 8 Mortimer West End "The Rector's Entainment" childrens tea, Christmas tree and presents
6 January 8 Woolhampton Christmas Service at St Catherines Church, Wolverton.
13 January 6 Charter Alley Pmimitive Methodist Chapel public tea in Chapel building
13 January 6 Silchester "Vine Hunt" fox ran into the village and was killed near conservatory of Silchester Hall.
13 January 6 Silchester Wedding of Miss Emily Lavinia STEVENS (of Silchester) to Henry HALL of Reading.
13 January 8 Silchester Slate Club Payout [no figures given].
13 January 8 Baughurst Choir and ringers supper in schoolroom.
13 January 8 Baughurst Sunday School and Mothers Union Trea book prizes awarded [scholars named].
20 January 5 Basingstoke North Hampshire General Election result - Jeffreys (Con) 4825: Verney (Lab) 4705.
27 January

[Nothing of note from our villages]
3 February 6 Silchester Entertainment and dance in schoolroom.
3 February 6 Aldermaston "Chain Ringing" in honour of wedding of Mr A T Wood and Miss D M Keyser.
3 February 6 Baughurst Horticultural Society general meeting. Mr Stokes accepted the chair.
3 February 6 Ramsdell Miss Durham passed £1 2s. 6d. collected in village to Winchester Catherdral Restoration Fund.
10 February 6 Baughurst Temperance and musical entertainment in Primitive Methodist Chapel by Gospel Temperance Band .
17 February 6 Silchester "In Silchester City" a Roman Relic copied from The Morning Post.
24 February 5 Aldermaston Man drowned in canal Inquest (with Jury at Frond Farm) on Mr J C Pinniger.
24 February 8 Basingstoke Niorth Hants By-Election due to sudden Death of Hon.A F Jeffreys.
3 March 5 Pamber Marriage of Miss Gertie Bllewden and Mr Herbert Barter (list of presents and givers appended). [C]
3 March 5 Baughurst Entertainment by Salvation Army Band at Primitive Methodist Chapel.
10 March 6 Silchester "A fox's last visit to the poultry run" Vine Hunt (which met at the Pine Apple Brimpton) ran a fox into a paddock of poultry pens at "Trevids" Silchester (owned by Mr Herbert) where it was killed! [C]
10 March 6 Silchester Entertainment (in Schoolroom) of "Mirth and Harmony" attended by over 100 villagers. [C]
10 March 8 Silchester Service at Primitive Methodist Chapel of sacred music Revd French precided.
17 March

[Nothing of note from our villages]
24 March 8 Aldermaston "Chain Ringers" 8 men of Oxford Diocise rang 5184 changes in 2 hours 56 minutes.
24 March 8 Pamber Death of Mr Leonard Beer, youngest son of landlady of The Pelican. [C]
24 March 8 Baughurst Inquest at The New Inn on William Roy Cripps (aged 4 months) Dr Langley attended. [C]
31 March 6 Pamber Funeral of Mr Leonard Beer. Buried in family grave at Congreational Burial Ground Tadley. [C]
31 March 6 Baughurst Meeting to consider arrangements for Annual Hospital Parade on 13 May. [C]
31 March 6 Baughurst Special weekday Lentern Services were well attended.
7 April 6 Aldermaston Annual Service for Mothers Union. [C]
7 April 6 Aldermaston Annual Parish meeting Mr C E Keyser presided. [C]
7 April 6 Aldermaston "Treat to the Choir" A day in London through the kindness of the Squire, Mr C E Keyser. [C]
7 April 6 Baughurst Parish Council quartlerly meeting in schoolroom Mr A Roberts Chairman. [C]
7 April 6 Tadley Mr Sidney Jewry brought action against Mr Walter West in respect of 13 days carpentry. [C]
7 April 6 Little London Sparrow Club annual supper at The Plough Inn. 2,054 sparrows were destroyed last year. [C]
7 April 6 Mortimer West End Indecent assult on a child. [C]
7 April 8 Pamber Service in Pamber Heath Mission Room in memory of the late Mr Leonard Beer. [C]
14 April 6 Baughurst Various sums of money sent to Church Missionary Society by Miss Smith of Church Cottage. [C]
21 April 6 Tadley Annual (Sunday) School Service at Primitive Methodist Chapel. [C]
21 April 6 Baughurst Annual Vestry meeting in schoolroom Mr Stokes was appointed Rector's Warden.
21 April 6 Woolhampton Presentaition to Mr W Soper (clerk of Wolverton Church) of a purse containing £5. [C]
21 April 8 Silchester Lecture by Lieut Col Lynden Bell "Invasion Risks Our Food Supply". [C]
21 April 8 Silchester Bank Holiday (Easter) visitors to "Ruins" and "Common". [C]
21 April 8 Silchester Funeral of Commander H G W Thorgold RN,(list of names of those attending).
21 April 8 Tadley Annual Bazarr at Primitive Methodist Silchester Circuit held in Parish Room (lent by Rector). [C]
28 April 6 Baughurst Lecture on Boer War illustrated by lantern llides given by Col Enthoven poorly attended. [C]
28 April 6 Baughurst Cricket Match Baughurst Cricket club played first season match on Inhurst Ground. [C]
28 April 6 Tadley Quoits match against Monk Sherborne at The Fighting Cocks (names in teams given). [C]
5 May 8 Aldermaston Tha late Mr Highford Highford died last Saturday was former owner of Aldermaston Estate. [C]
5 May 8 Aldermaston Hanry North, stableman, of Reading charged with stealing goods valued £4 2s from stables. [C]
5 May 8 Tadley All 61 children living in Heath End invited to entertainment at Heath End House by Mrs McConnell. [C]
5 May 8 Baughurst Concert given by Mrs Lyell of Newbies in schoolroom in aid of parocial funds - including a dialogue by Mrs Roller.
12 May 5 Tadley William Lambdin summonded at Reading County Court for "cruelty to a mare". [C]
12 May 5 Silchester District Liberal Association for Silchester & Mortimer West End formed at Impstone Reading Rooms. [C]
12 May 5 Silchester Hon Randolph Adderly summonded at Reading County Bench for using "obscene language". [C]
12 May 7 Tadley Death and funeral (at Congreational Chapel) of Mr Charles West (lots of names/relations).
19 May 5 Pamber Funeral of Mr W Follett of Ravenscot Farm at Pamber Priory [many names].
19 May 6 Baughurst Annual Hospital Sunday Parade £27 4s 2d collected including church collections.
19 May 6 Ramsdell Horse and cows astray between Vicarage and Skeers Farm owner Mr Percy Ireland.
19 May 6 Mortimer West End Mr Arthur Winter fined £5 at Divisional Petty Sessions for keeping unlicensed dogs. [C]
19 May 8 Silchester Roman Remains being resorected under Mr Mills Stephenson's (FSA) supervision.
26 May 8 Aldermaston Cricket club annual meeting Mr C E Keyser appointed president.
26 May 8 Silchester Meeting in schoolroom to arrange forthcoming Hospital Sunday Parade.
26 May 8 Baughurst Cricket Match invitation of Mr F Kent Buller's Farm between Ramsdale and Baughurst boys. [C]
26 May 8 Woolhampton Annual Camp Meeting in a meadow (lent by Mr Bone) with Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band. [C]
26 May 8 Tadley Wedding of Beatrice Stacey of Tadley Hill to Walter Hussey (late of Vine Tree Farm) [names].
2 June 4 Tadley Sale of property at The Fox and Hounds on consequence of death of Mr H J Heath. "All Tadley and half of Baughurst turned up" Mostly cottages with names of successful bidders. [C]
2 June 6 Silchester Conference on Education Bill on behalf of Deanery of Silchester held at Rectory, Sherfield.
2 June 6 Silchester Probate granted re the late Cmdr Herbert William Thorold - died 14 April, age 51. Left £12,095.
9 June 5 Tadley Congregational Sunday School Anniversary. Recitations,dialogue and music. [C]
9 June 5 Ramsdell Garden Feteon Whit Tuesday held in picturesque gardens of Silchester Rectory [35 names].
16 June 6 Charter Alley Primitive Methodist Society Sunday School Anniversary, followed by public meeting. [C]
16 June 6 Pamber Excise prosecution John Smith summonded for keeping a dog without a licence. [C]
16 June 6 Pamber Before magistrates George Bartlett, labourer of Shinfield, charged with stealing a purse containing £1 0s 8d, property of William Broadhurst, labourer, of Pamber Heath. [C]
16 June 6 Mortimer West End Elizabeth Cook, single, seeking maintinance for her illegitimate child from John Yates the father . [C]
16 June 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist Chapel Flower Service Mr J F Cooper presided over the large congregation.
23 June 3 Silchester Silchester excavations exhibition of antiquities in Burlington House (Society of Antiquarians).
23 June 6 Baughurst Primitive Methodist Chapel held their annual service James Pike of Thatcham presided.
23 June 6 Pamber "About a Sussex Farm" Mr Richard Bell of The Hatchet formerly of Cowfold was the defandant in case brought by Mrs Margaret Louise Norris to recover £18 15s. rent for hired farm. [full case reported]. [C]
30 June 6 Silchester "Neighbours at Variance" At Divisional Petty Sessions Mrs Smallbone alleged Mrs Coleman had assaulted her - Case Dismissed - Bound over to "keep the peace". Costs 2s. [full court case reported]. [C]
30 June 6 Baughurst Meeting of Conservatives and Unionists held in Reading Room - to reorganise the Association for Tadley and Baughurst. [C]
7 July 5 SIL Death of Miss Ellen Knight (23) dau.of Mr/Mrs George Knight, after lingering illness C
7 July 6 Mortimer West End At Hampshire Quarter Sessions Arthur Nickless (19), grocer s assistant, was indicted for indecently assaulting Rhoda White (10) - sentence one month s imprisonment with hard labour C
7 July 6 Baughurst Cyclists of K Co.(Basingstoke) 1st Batt Hants Regiment attended Church Parade C
7 July 6 Baughurst Wedding of Mr Walter C Davis (Reading) and Miss Mabel West (Baughurst) C
14 July 6 SIL Rev E,G.French (Primitive Methodist) moved to Newbury. Rev Savage took over C
14 July 7 TAD Hospital Sunday Parade held on 24th June accompanied by many local bands C
14 July 8 SIL Hospital Sunday Parade held on June 29th with bands from Baughurst and Silchester C
14 July 8 SIL Rev Thomas Langshaw gone away on a three month s tour. C
21 July 6 Baughurst Choir outing to Portsmouth - 14 members attended
28 July 5 Aldermaston Members of Aldermaston Masonic Lodge held their installation meeting at Hind s Head under presidency of Mr T Rowland Kent C
4 August 6 Baughurst "Sacred Concert" with Reading Temperance Band in garden lent by Mr D James of Causeway Farm - well attended.
4 August 8 SIL Recent Hospital Parade raised £20.4s.2d
11 August 5 Baughurst Baughurst and Tadley Garden Society exhibition and sports held in a meadow at Butlers Farm by permission of Mr F Kent
11 August 5 Aldermaston Dr W G Laws, a native of Aldermaston, retiring from London Missionary Society
18 August 6 TAD Funeral of Elizabeth Savage, widow of the late Thomas Savage, at Tadley Churchyard on 8th Aug. C
25 August 5 Mortimer West End Presentation to Miss Letitia Young and Miss Fisher mistresses of the local schools for many years, was held in the schoolroom C
8 September 5 Ramsdell Sale of personal and household effect at Ferndale House
8 September 6 Aldermaston Coming of age festivities of Charles Norman Keyser, elder son of CE Keysey of Aldermaston Manor. [C]
8 September 8 Pamber Heath Inquest held at the Old Basing Union Infirmary on the body of Peter Long, aged 70 years. [C]
15 September 5 Ashford Hill Funeral of Mrs (Robert) Mundy of Fair Oak, Kingsclere Woodlands. Burial was in the Parish churchyard. [C]
15 September 6 Mortimer West End Wedding at St Saviours of Miss Mabel Lambsden of Stoney Hill and Mr James Smith of Ashford Hill (lots of names). [C]
15 September 6 Pamber Heath Death of Mr C W Froome (aged 33) of Pamber Heath. Funeral and Burial held at Tadley Congregational Chapel. [C]
22 September 6 Woolhampton Wedding at St Saviours, Forest Hill, of William Hedges (Hants Regimen) and Clara Catherine Chiffince of Wolverton. [C]
22 September 6 Baughurst Wind-up cricket match of the season between married and single members of Baughurst Cricket Club. [C]
29 September 5 Tadley Harvest Thanksgiving services at St Mary's (Thursday evening) and on following Sunday at the Parish Church. [C]
6 October 6 Tadley Final cricket match of the season for the Tadley Sycamore Cricket Club (versus Haughurst Hill).
6 October 6 Baughurst Harvest Thanksgiving at Baughurst Parish Church.
6 October 6 Woolhampton Harvest Supper at Parish Church.
13 October 6 Tadley Harvest Thanksgiving held at Tadley Congreational Church on Sunday followed by Tea on Monday. [C]
13 October 6 Baughurst Primitive Methodists held their Harvest Thanksgiving Service. Funds to Chapel renovations and Sunday School. [C]
13 October 6 Woolhampton Death from consumption of Wallace Hedges. Burial was at Wolverton Churchyard. [C]
13 October 6 Little London Little London Cricket Club held their wind-up supper at The Plough Inn . Thirty members enjoyed a capital spread. [C]
20 October

Nothing reported locally
27 October 6 Silchester Wedding of Miss Edith Goddard of Silchester and Mr Robert J F Payne at St Mary's Church (lots of names). [C]
27 October 6 Pamber Heath Harvest Festival held at the Pamber Heath Mission Room; scene of cheerfullness reported.
3 November

Nothing reported locally
10 November 8 Silchester Funeral of Mrs Elizabeth Higgins, widow of the late James Higgins also late of Church Farm.. She was laid to rest in God's Acrea Silchester , where her husband was buried a few years ago C
12 November 7 Baughurst Entainment arraged by Mrs Stiggall in the schoolroom
17 November

Nothing reported locally
24 November 7 Baughurst Entertainment given in the Primitive Methodist Chapel with the Baughust Gospel Temperance Band
24 November 7 Baughurst Lecture given by Rev Sweetapple (of Monk Sherborne) in the schoolroom on "Church History"
24 November 7 Little London Cricket Club Concert given in the Priory School by the committee of Little London Cricket Club.
1 December 7 Woolhampton Concert organised by Miss Walters of Wolverton Park given in schoolroom
1 December D Tadley Waif Saturday Collection in aid of Dr Barnardo's Homes. £1. 3s collected by John Hawkins, Colin Saunders, George Neate, Kate Smith and Percy Butler
8 December


15 December 6 Baughurst Advent Services were arranged by the vicar during the week
15 December 6 Baughurst Bell ringers rang in earnest and could be heard several evenings in the week
15 December 6 Tadley "Bird and Tree Festival" in connection with Royal Society for protection of birds was held in the Council School C
15 December 6 Baughurst The examination in Religous Knowledge was held by the Diocesan Inspector. Eight scholars were sucessful C
15 December 8 Baughurst The Rector distributed 20 Clothing Club Tickets and 37 Coal Tickets during the week. C
15 December U Baughurst A concert, the second in the current season, was held in the schoolroom
22 December 6 Ramsdell Sunday School treat of a capital lantern lecture C
22 December 8 Ramsdell House to House Collection for Dr Barnado's. Saturday Fund £1.1s 3d collected. (collectors names given) C
22 December 8 Ramsdell "Pig Club". Annual meeting held with twenty members present. Revd. Durham took the chair. (all names given) C
22 December 8 Mortimer West End Annual meeting of the Horticultural Society held at West End Farm and presided over by the Revd Rooke C
28 December 5 Aldermaston Church Bells rung early on Christmas morning
28 December 5 Aldermaston School prizes for the year were presented by Mrs Keyser, Rev and Mrs Horwood and Mrs A T West.(names) C
28 December 5 Baughurst Christams Day was heralded in with a peal of bells from 6am to 7am C
28 December 5 Silchester A very pleasent P.S.A (??) was held in the Primitive Methodist Chapel. Chair was taken by the Revd Knipe. C


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