Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1908.

Items marked [C] have been copied by TADS.


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1 February 6 Baughurst A parish meeting was held in the schoolroom to discuss the Smallholdings Act. [C]
1 February 6 Baughurst Interesting wedding in the parish church between Mr Arthur Veale and Miss Mary Littlejohns of Browns Farm (names). [C]
1 February 6 Little London Mr Thomas caught a large buck rat which measured 18" in length. [C]
1 February 6 Silchester Mr Taylor and relatives of the late Mrs Taylor express their thanks for sympathy messages. [C]
8 February 5 Baughurst Church Sunday School scholars had their annual tea treat given by the Revd & Mrs Steggall. [C]
8 February 5 Baughurst Successful concert in aid of the cricket club in the schoolroom last week. [C]
8 February 5 Pamber Funeral of Mrs Elliott of Pamber Farm following her not unexpected death (names). [C]
8 February 5 Tadley Primitive Methodist Young People's Society of Christian Endeavour held its first social gathering in the Chapel. [C]
8 February 5 Tadley A grand entertainment held in the church room in aid of recently resusitated Church Lad's Brigade. [C]
15 February 2 Mortimer West End Conservative Association meeting in schoolroom.
15 February 5 Silchester A new pillar box was recently affixed to the direction post at the top of the common. [C]
15 February 5 Silchester An engine extracting gravel from Silchester Common sank into soft ground. [C]
15 February 5 Silchester Military manoeuvres by schoolboys caused considerable interest by onlookers. [C]
22 February 5 Little London Serious accident. Miss Follett thrown from pony trap and fractured small bone in her arm when pony shied. [C]
22 February 5 Little London Farewell sermon was given by Revd I Rees in the Priory Church. [C]
22 February 5 Pamber Heath Christopher William Chapman labourer, fined 6/- at Divisional Petty Sessions for riding an unlighted bicycle. [C]
22 February 5 Pamber Heath William Grainger was fined 10/6dunder Poaching Prevention Act for having nets and a ferret in his possesion. [C]
22 February 6 Silchester Mr James Timms of Hales Farm applied for an exemption from licence duty on his dog. [C]
22 February 6 Silchester Gospel Temperance Band gave a musical in the chapel.  Mr Wigley wielded the baton. [C]
29 February 6 Silchester An entertainment in the Primitive Methodist Chapel by the Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band in the new uniforms. [C]
29 February 6 Silchester Special services were held in the Primitive Methodist Chapel conducted by Mr E Andrews of Basingstoke. [C]
29 February 6 Tadley St Saviour's. Vestry absorbed into church, new Vestry built plus classroom built for Sunday School. [C]
29 February 6 Tadley Annual prize giving for regular Sunday School attendance held in the church room with tea. [C]
29 February 6 Aldermaston Reading Rroom & Working Mens' Club games tournament held at Thatcham Constitutional Club. [C]
29 February 6 Aldermaston An entertainment was given at the parish hall - proceeds £3/10/4 to parish church choir fund. [C]
7 March 5 Baughurst Very successful concert in the schoolroom on Thursday evening in aid of the football club. [C]
7 March 7 Tadley Visit of the Right Revd the Lord Bishop of Dorking preached in the parish church. [C]
7 March 7 Tadley A concert was given in the church room on Shrove Tuesday to large number of people in spite of heavy snowfall. [C]
7 March 7 Tadley Grand entertainment held in the church room in aid of the fund for enlarging St Saviour's Church. [C]
14 March 6 Baughurst Funeral of Mrs Phoebe Appleton of Heath End who passed away in her hundredth year on Friday. [C]
14 March 6 Silchester Young Peoples' Missionary Service was held in the Primitive Methodist Church.  Miss Savage presided. [C]
21 March 6 Mortimer West End Conservative meeting in Mortimer West End school room.  Mrs Swainson & Mr Mowell presided.
21 March 8 Tadley Death of Revd C N Oliver, aged 75, former Rector of Tadley. [C]
21 March 8 Tadley Mr Wiggett kindly instructed a class of boys at Silchester in shooting with miniature War Office rifles. [C]
21 March 8 Silchester Death and funeral of Mr H W Kimbrey, aged 70; he passed away after a painful illness (mourners names). [C]
28 March 5 Silchester Thirtieth anniversary of Band of Hope was held at Primitive Methodist Chapel. 100 or more attended the tea. [C]
28 March 5 Silchester Mr John Coward JP of Durham gave a lecture in the Primitive Methodist Chapel on the evangelist Squire Brooke. [C]
4 April 5 Aldermaston About 100 men of the Second West Yorkshire Regiment spent two days at Aldermaston. [C]
4 April 5 Aldermaston Members of the parish church choir accompanied by Revd & Mrs Horwood on trip to London by brake & train. [C]
4 April 6 Baughurst The Reading Room was well attended during the winter months and was closed last week after successful season. [C]
4 April 6 Baughurst The Lenten Services at the church have been particularly well attended.  (preachers names). [C]
4 April 6 Baughurst Contribution details to Church Missionary Society for year ending 31 March. [C]
11 April 7 Baughurst A rummage sale organised by the Rector and Mrs Steggall in the Reading Room. Proceeds £8/10/0. [C]
11 April 7 Baughurst The Lord Bishop of Winchester, with his Chaplian Revd Fitzgerald and Rural Dean Revd G Crowdy visited. [C]
18 April 5 Tadley Successful temperance meeting and entertainment held in Primitive Methodist Chapel. [C]
18 April 5 Tadley Lord Bishop of the diocese paid a short visit to the parish on Wednesday morning. [C]
18 April 5 Tadley Prize Shoot of the Tadley Company Church Lads' Brigade held on Friday. Good shooting witnessed. [C]
18 April 5 Little London Opening services of Primitive Methodist Chapel took place after renovation. [C]
18 April 5 Little London The Plough Inn Sparrow Club held its annual supper on Saturday last. [C]
18 April 5 Baughurst Medals and shields given by the County Council were distributed to scholars for regular attendance (names). [C]
18 April 5 Baughurst Quarterly meeting of the Parish Council held in schoolroom on Tuesday. Letter box for Haughurst Hill requested. [C]
18 April 6 Wolhampton Bishop of Winchester accompanied by Chaplain and Rural Dean visited on 7 April. [C]
18 April 6 Mortimer West End Turner's Arms applied for an hour's extension for dinner given for new owners. Application granted. [C]
18 April 6 Mortimer West End Robert Telford, a wire fencer, was summoned for not causing son James to attend school regularly. [C]
25 April 7 Wolhampton Easter Services at St Catherine's Church were conspicuous for bright, good music, singing etc. 53 Communicants. [C]
25 April 7 Baughurst Easter Day opened with a merry peal of bells followed by early celebration which was well attended . [C]
25 April 7 Baughurst Annual Easter Vestry meeting was held in the schoolroom on Monday last. [C]
25 April 7 Baughurst Meeting of new football club committee was held at the New Inn on Thursday last week. [C]
25 April 7 Tadley Interesting old church of St Peter was so well filled on Sunday morning that several people failed to find a sitting. [C]
2 May 5 Basingstoke Great snowstorm. Unprecedented April scene. Business at a standstill. [C]
2 May 8 Tadley Distressing fatality, magistrate's son (14), whirled to his death by drive shaft of generator. [C]
2 May 8 Tadley Sunday School anniversary services held at Primitive Methodist Chapel with recitations and dialogues by scholars. [C]
9 May 6 Wolhampton Wedding between David Weston of The Lodge Wolverton Park and Elizabeth Malt of Long Parish. [C]
9 May 6 Aldermaston Annual meeting of the cricket club held in parish hall last Friday. Mr C R Keyser presiding. [C]
9 May 6 Baughurst Committee meeting of the Hospital Parade was held to finalise details of next Sunday's parade. [C]
9 May 6 Baughurst Annual Parish Meeting held in schoolroom. Mr A Roberts in the chair. [C]
16 May 6 Baughurst Half-yearly rent audit of His Grace Duke of Wellington's tenants at the George and Dragon. [C]
16 May 6 Baughurst The annual Hospital Parade and collection last Sunday raised £26/6/0 (names). [C]
30 May 8 Baughurst John Eyles was summoned for riding a bicycle without a light at Padworth. Fined 1/- with 8/6 costs. [C]
30 May 8 Silchester Excavation work of the ancient and renowned Roman city recommenced for the summer season. [C]
30 May 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist Sunday School anniversary postponed from April due to snow was held on Sunday. [C]
6 June 6 Wolhampton Socail and dance in the schoolroom on Thursday by kind permission of Rector and managers. [C]
6 June 6 Wolhampton A pleasant concert organised by Mr F Owen and Mr Cyril Goodenough on Friday to raise choir funds of £1/18/5. [C]
6 June 8 Tadley Mrs Beach presented the bar, sheilds and certificates awarded by Education Committee at Council School (names). [C]
6 June 8 Silchester Beautiful weather favoures Primitive Methodist camp meeting, Baughurst Gospel Temperance Brass Band attended. [C]
13 June 8 Baughurst Annual camp meeting services of Primitive Methodist Chapel in meadow near the Chapel. [C]
20 June 3 Little London Cricket matches, Little London v Haughurst Hill, Beaurepaire Park v Silchester, Baughurst v Sherborne St John. [C]
27 June 6 Mortimer West End 110th anniversary of Congregational Chapel celebrated on Wednesday last week. Quaint building well filled. [C]
27 June 6 Silchester Executive Committee of Silchester Excavation Fund issued their report of the  works carried on during 1907. [C]
4 July 5 Padworth Temperance United Festival held in Padworth Park. [C]
4 July 8 Tadley The sum of £1/3/6 collected by scholars at Council school for British and Foreign Sailors' Society. [C]
4 July 8 Tadley Hospital Parade Society collected £23/17/0 towards Royal Berkshire Hospital. [C]
11 July 8 Silchester Meeting of managers of Silchester School appointed new infant teacher in place of Miss Jessie Brown. [C]
11 July 8 Silchester Parties from Reading arrived in three large brakes for summer forest walks. [C]
11 July 8 Silchester Hospital Sunday Parade arranged to take place on 26 July. [C]
11 July 8 Silchester Flower service took place in the Primitive Methodist Chapel . [C]
18 July 5 Silchester Hospital Parade will take place on 26 July with Tadley & Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band. [C]
18 July 5 Wolhampton Wolverton church choir had a pleasant outing to Ryde on 2 July. [C]
18 July 6 Baughurst Choir outing on Thursday last week for choir and bellringers to Portsmouth & Southsea. [C]
25 July 5 Silchester Hospital Fete to take place on 28 July. [C]
25 July 6 Baughurst Sacred concert by the Reading Temperance Prize Band in Mr David Jame's  meadow. [C]
25 July 7 Mortimer West End Flower and sports show (names). [C]
1 August 5 Silchester Successful Hospital Parade collected £17/8/10  (names). [C]
1 August 5 Ramsdell Ramsdale & Ewhurst Cottage Garden Society held their 25th exhibition at Holly Bush Farm. [C]
1 August 6 Wolhampton Rev J Godfrey, diocesan inspector visited the school on 17 July 17  very good work... . [C]
1 August 6 Charter Alley Annual Circuit Primitive Methodist demonstration in grounds lent by Mr J Stanley. [C]
1 August 6 Little London Open air service in the park adjacent to Plough Inn by Mr Whymus of Church Army Mission. [C]
1 August 8 Aldermaston Members of Aldermaston branch of South Berks Conservative & Unionist Association excursion up the Thames. [C]
8 August 5 Wolhampton A deaf and dumb wedding took place at St Catherine's Church between Harry Barlow from Newbury and Ellon May. [C]
15 August 6 Silchester School broke up for five weeks summer holiday.
15 August 6 Silchester School treat and village tea party held at Silchester Hall.
15 August 8 Baughurst Baughurst & Tadley Garden Society held their flower and sports show at Hawley Park. [C]
15 August 8 Silchester A choir outing to art exhibition at White City, London. [C]
15 August 8 Silchester Company of Terriers returned brown and healthy after training with Territorial Army. [C]
15 August 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist camp meeting held last Sunday. [C]
22 August 6 Tadley Parish Church Sunday School treat held at the Rectory last Tuesday 100 scholars at down to tea. [C]
22 August 8 Tadley Death of Mrs Roller aged 45, wife of George T Roller. [C]
29 August 8 Tadley Funeral of Mrs Roller took place in the churchyard at Tadley.  Large number of friends and parishioners. [C]
5 September 5 Pamber Heath Monk Sherborne & Pamber Hospital Parade collected £13/3/7. [C]
5 September 8 Silchester Church Sunday School children spent a happy day at the Rectory. [C]
5 September 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist choir excursion by van to Beacon Hill. [C]
5 September 8 Silchester Welcome improvement in the postal arrangements.  Morning letters arrived 7.35 am. [C]
5 September 8 Little London Mother's Union entertainment at Hill House. [C]
12 September 5 Ramsdell Basingstoke branch of the Church of England Men's Society visited on Sunday afternoon. [C]
12 September 5 Silchester Expert condemned church bells and belfry, deemed to be unsafe to ring. [C]
12 September 5 Silchester Miss Alice Barker married Police Constable Frank Mills of F Division South Kensington Metropolitan Police. [C]
19 September 5 Ramsdell Double wedding of Misses Annie Mary Kent and  Florence Emma Kent. [C]
19 September 8 Little London Wind-up cricket supper after the match on Saturday against the Butterflies at Plough Inn. [C]
19 September 8 Silchester Schoolroom packed to overflowing for a gramaphone entertainment. [C]
26 September 6 Baughurst Harvest Supper given by Mr Singleton of Baughurst House for employees at George and Dragon. [C]
26 September 6 Ewhurst Meeting of the Duke of Wellington's employees held with object of forming annual outing club (names). [C]
3 October 6 Baughurst Change of tenant after 70 years of George and Dragon from Mr W C Ford to Mr Bolton of Ashmore Green. [C]
3 October 6 Baughurst Teachers and scholars numbering over 100 of Day School had tea treat at Newbies . [C]
3 October 7 Mortimer West End Conservative Association supper amd smoking concert held in marquees locally. [C]
3 October 8 Pamber Death of Ada Fisher, aged 8 ,who died of diptheria with hop picking at  Binstead Wick. [C]
3 October 8 Silchester Harvest Thanksgiving at St Mary's Church with Rev T Langshaw (Rector). [C]
3 October 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist Harvest Thanksgiving services led by Mr Cartwright of Reading. [C]
10 October 8 Baughurst Harvest Thanksgiving held in the parish church Rev Steggall presiding. [C]
17 October 6 Baughurst Wedding of Mr Robert Smith of Stoney Heath and Miss Louisa Smith also of Stoney Heath. [C]
17 October 6 Tadley Harvest Festival at St Saviour's Church, collection to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution £1/1/9. [C]
17 October 8 Tadley Primitive Methodist Chapel held Harvest Thanksgiving services last Sunday, preacher Mr J Fox of Reading. [C]
31 October 8 Silchester A Lantern Service at the Primitive Methodist Chapel in connection with Christian Endeavour Society. [C]
31 October 8 Silchester Visit of the Bishop of Dorking Right Revd Cecil H Boutflower DD to St Mary's. [C]
7 November 5 Tadley Sudden death of Mrs Harriet Rampton. Inquest held at New Inn. [C]
7 November 5 Pamber Wedding of Miss Annie F Baker of Latchmore Farm to Mr William Stanley of Pamber End at Primituve Methodist Chapel. [C]
7 November 6 Pamber Arson attack at the Old House at Home by labourer John Paice who had been ejected the same evening. [C]
7 November 6 Baughurst Parish Council meeting. The clerk was instructed to write to the Council regarding poor ditaches and overhanging trees. [C]
14 November 8 Tadley Alterations at St Saviour's Church three months ago now paid for following rummage sale raising £24. [C]
14 November 8 Tadley Children's chrysanthemum show  held in the Church Room on Saturday last  (names of prizewinners). [C]
14 November 8 Silchester Death of Arthur G Bye in Reading.  Funeral delayed due to lack of Statutory Notice  for Silchester burial . [C]
14 November 8 Pamber Recent arson case at Old House at Home public house - John Paice pleaded guilty at Hampshire Assizes. [C]
14 November 8 Baughurst Due to kindness of Mr F Stokes of Inhurst House  the Reading Room opened for winter months. [C]
21 November 5 Tadley Fencing around Follett's Pond adjacent to Basingstoke Road completed at a cost of £56/15/8. [C]
21 November 5 Tadley Band of Hope anniversary tea and meeting was held at the Primitive Methodist Chapel  60 members. [C]
21 November 5 Tadley Primitive Methodist Christian Endeavour Society held coffee supper for 50 members and friends. [C]
21 November 5 Baughurst Annual cricket club supper held last week at the New Inn followed an evening of social harmony  (names). [C]
28 November 8 Baughurst Independent Order of Rechabites set up Juvenile Tent 'Honour Bright' followed by lantern entertainment. [C]
28 November 8 Wolhampton Duke of Wellington's farmer's rent audit for this estate was held at George & Dragon, Baughurst. [C]
5 December 6 Baughurst Special sermons presented by Rector on behalf of Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. [C]
5 December 6 Baughurst Committee meeting of Baughurst & Tadley Garden Society held in Schoolroom  Mr Stoke presided. [C]
5 December 8 Silchester Death of Mr Robert Sheppard (71) at his new residence on borders of Silchester Common. [C]
5 December 8 Tadley Football club, now in third season, met to settle local disputes, Dr Langley voted to Chair. [C]
12 December 5 Silchester Three deaths within five weeks of the Bye family. [C]
12 December 5 Little London To augment funds of cricket club Mrs Hume Wynn loaned her gramaphone and records for evening concert. [C]
12 December 7 Pamber Lecture on poverty and unemplyment illustrated by lantern slides in Mission Room by Conservative Association. [C]
12 December 7 Tadley Parochial tea and entertainment held in Church Room. [C]
12 December 8 Mortimer West End Death of supernumerary Revd Joseph Knipe (69), Primitive Methodist minister at Congregational Church  (names). [C]
19 December 5 Silchester Supper and smoking concert held in Club Room at Crown Inn in connection with Crown In Benefit Club. [C]
19 December 5 Baughurst School inspected in religious knowledge by Rev Rathbone Griffin, Honorable Diocesan Inspector. [C]
19 December 5 Tadley Primitve Methodist Christian Endeavour Society's 1st Annversary on Sunday and Monday. [C]
19 December 5 Ramsdell Highly amusing Magic Lantern lecture given in the Schoolroom by Revd C R Durham. [C]
19 December 5 Ramsdell Annual meeting of Friend-in-Need Society held in Schoolroom. [C]
26 December 5 Little London Death of Arthur Charles Simpson (34) after many painful operations. [C]
26 December 5 Silchester Lantern lecture on poverty and unemployment in Schoolroom by Mr Stephen White of Conservative Association. [C]
26 December 5 Silchester Memorial Service for late Mr Robert Sheppard held at Primitive Methodist Church. [C]
26 December 5 Tadley Holly with berries is scarcer this season than can be remembered for many years. [C]
26 December 5 Tadley Death of Mrs Farmer at residence of son Seymour Charles Farmer of Tadley Place. [C]





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