Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1909.

Items marked [C] have been copied by TADS.


projectnews date Page Village Combination
2 January 5 Silchester Fall of snow very heavy on Tuesday, Christmas treat abandoned at church until better weather. [C]
2 January 6 Tadley Slate Club supper at the Fox & Hounds on Tuesday evening proved a great success 52 members received £1/3/4½. [C]
2 January 8 Silchester Dr Walker, Medical Officer for county visited the school here. [C]
2 January 8 Silchester Mrs Carslake s tea for the little folk of Silchester was a gigantic success. [C]
2 January 8 Silchester Christmas Day passed about as usual with a few straggling carol singers and the Tadley Band. [C]
2 January 8 Pamber Heath Service of song. Captain Ayrton of Mission Church organised the weekly entertainment. [C]
2 January 8 Baughurst Christmas Day was heralded by merry peals rung in the early morning. [C]
9 January 5 Pamber Heath The bells rand out on New Year s Eve inviting people to a service conducted by Captain Ayrton in Mission church. [C]
9 January 5 Pamber Heath Mr Hume Winn kindly gave gramophone entertainment at the Mission church on Wednesday. [C]
9 January 5 Silchester The church bells did not ring on New Year s Eve, but hand bells were rung on the village green. [C]
9 January 5 Silchester Church Sunday School children s treat on Tuesday last replacing postponed treat on 29 December. [C]
9 January 5 Tadley Dr and Mrs Phillips provided a large Christmas tree with about 500 presents, games, toys etc. [C]
9 January 5 Wolhampton Mr and Miss Walker of Wolverton Park gave a servants ball on Tuesday last. [C]
9 January 6 Little London Plough Inn Club shared out £27/9/6 between 20 members at dinner and concert. [C]
9 January 6 Tadley Collection recently made by Council schoolchildren in aid of Dr Barnado s. [C]
16 January 5 Pamber Heath Mrs Oppé gave two annual treats in the schoolroom on Friday at 4pm for scholars, mothers and teachers and 5pm on Saturday for Sunday School scholars. [C]
16 January 5 Silchester Four men are still working on the excavations of the Roman remains. [C]
16 January 5 Silchester Primitive Methodist Christian Endeavour Society led an evening of entertainment in the Reading Room. [C]
16 January 5 Silchester Hon. Mrs MacCartney s treat to the children on Saturday afternoon. [C]
16 January 5 Silchester Primitive Methodist Chapel New Years tea and Christmas tea to the Sunday School children on Thursday evening. [C]
16 January 6 Tadley Slate Club supper at the Fighting Cocks in disagreeable weather. £1/4/5 was shared between 29 members. [C]
16 January 6 Ewehurst Duke & Duchess of Wellington gave their annual tea with entertainment for their employees, workers including families attended.
16 January 6 Wolhampton Ringing Band members entertained to supper in Rectory. [C]
16 January 6 Baughurst Rector visited the school and distributed the George Lamb prize Bibles. [C]
16 January 6 Baughurst 11 children attending Church Sunday School had their annual treat in the schoolroom. Tea by Mrs Pearce was much enjoyed followed by book prize presentations.
23 January 5 Tadley Wedding of George Henry Stacey and Martha Louisa Smith took place in the parish church on Saturday last. [C]
23 January 5 Baughurst Magic Lantern entertainment illustrating the story of Little Jim by Mr W Yates of Silchester. [C]
23 January 5 Baughurst Rev & Mrs Steggall kindly gave supper to the choir and bellringers. [C]
30 January 5 Ramsdell Members of Pig Club with friends held their annual supper on Friday last, rec C R Durham presiding. [C]
30 January 5 MWE Annual meeting of Horticultural Society held at West End Farm Friday last. [C]
30 January 5 Pamber Heath John Simpson, Albert Saunders & Alfred Charles Chandler of Tadley opted for trial by jury following theft of ferrets and a reaphook owned by Arthur Rampton of Tadley.
6 February 6 Pamber Heath Farewell gathering and presentation to Miss Hall, headmistress of Pamber School. [C]
6 February 6 Silchester Invitation dance took place in the school last week. [C]
6 February 6 Silchester Christian Endeavour Society gave a Lantern Service in the school last week. [C]
6 February 6 Silchester Pony s leg broken after falling while driving Mr Goddard s trap past Mulford s Cottage on Little London Road. Pony was shot, but Mr Goddard escaped injury.
6 February 6 Silchester Marriage of Miss Mary Hobbis to Ernest Corbett of Vermillion, Canada. [C]
13 February 8 Silchester Meeting of Silchester branch of North Hants Conservative & Constitutional Association was held at The Hollies on Monday.
13 February 8 Tadley County Council resolved that ¾ of expenses of conveyance of children attending elementary school charged to parish of Tadley.
20 February 8 Baughurst Proceeds from capital concert given on Thursday evening in schoolroom to Cricket & Football Club. [C]
20 February 8 Baughurst Full military wedding on Wednesday at Douai Abbey, Woolhampton of Miss Doris Green to Captain Edward Longueville, First Battalion, Coldstream Guards.
20 February 8 Tadley Church Sunday School prize giving on Wednesday. Tea provided by Mrs Evans. [C]
27 February 5 Baughurst Death of John Smith previously landlord of Wellington Arms occurred on Wednesday following lengthy illness. [C]
27 February 8 Pamber Heath Mr John H Gould JP presided over Liberal meeting in the school on Wednesday. [C]
27 February 8 Wolhampton Concert by Miss Scott given in schoolroom on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. [C]
27 February 8 Tadley Popular entertainment in church room on Monday last. [C]
27 February 8 Silchester Crowded audience at concert and variety entertainment arranged by Miss Langshaw. [C]
27 February 8 Silchester Service of Song on Wednesday evening by a party of friends from Baughurst. [C]
6 March 8 Tadley Public tea at Primitive Methodist Chapel raised £3/10/0 for the Mission Band funds. [C]
13 March 5 Tadley Good news for Tadley Griffin s celebrated sausages can now be had at T J Hussey & Sons, family butchers. [C]
13 March 5 Tadley Theft of fowl from the Pine Apple, Brimpton property of landlord. Value of fowl 5/-. John Gundry and Harry Taylor charged at Petty Sessions. [C]
13 March 6 Tadley First Christian Endeavour rally ever held in this neighbourhood took place on Monday last in Primitive Methodist Chapel. [C]
13 March 6 Tadley Letter from James Thatcher regarding all business of Parish Council should be reported in Hants & Berks Gazette. [C]
13 March 6 Wolhampton William John Hodges charges at Petty Sessions with trespassing while searching for coneys on Mr Nichol s land at Kingsclere. [C]
13 March 6 Silchester Death of three old parishioners at Silchester Mrs Hannah Clift on 2 March, Mrs Bye on 9 March and Mr William Yates on 8 March. [C]
13 March 6 Pamber Heath Funeral of Mrs J B Hill who was laid to rest in burial ground at Tadley Congregational Church. [C]
20 March 8 Baughurst Annual meeting of Cricket & Football Club held recently at New Inn. [C]
20 March 8 Baughurst Annual meeting of Gospel Temperance Band held recently when the accounts were presented and passed. [C]
20 March 8 Pamber Heath Death of Mr Thomas George Houghton, respected landlord of College Arms Inn, on 13 March. Funeral at Old Priory burial ground (mourner s names). [C]
20 March 8 Silchester Funeral of Mrs William Yates in new part of churchyard (mourner s names). [C]
20 March 8 Tadley John Simpson, Albert Saunders and Alfred Chandler surrendered to their bail on charge of stealing two ferrets, value 7/- from Arthur Rampton. [C]
27 March 5 MWE Conservative Association held a meeting in the schoolroom, sprinkling of ladies present. [C]
27 March 5 Baughurst Service of Song held on Tuesday evening entitled The man who spoiled the Music in Primitive Methodist Chapel by Haughurst Hill Mission Hall choir. [C]
27 March 5 Baughurst Members of Band of Hope numbering about 150 held their annual tea in the chapel on Thursday evening. [C]
27 March 5 Tadley Sudden death of George Rampton aged 84 formed the subject of a Coroner s Inquest on Wednesday. He was found after dinner in a shed at Skate s Farm. [C]
27 March 6 Pamber Heath Annual assembly of Parish meeting held at Pamber Heath Mission Church on Wednesday 17 March. [C]
27 March 7 Tadley Letters from James Thatcher, D West and George Smith protesting against the conveyance of Heath End children by van to Tadley School. [C]
3 April 5 Little London Mother hen and chicks attacked by a rat while kept in a cage at the Plough Inn. The rat killed the chicks and the rat was then despatched by the mother hen. [C]
3 April 5 Little London Little London & Bramley Rat & Sparrow Club held annual supper at Plough Inn on Saturday. Season s working produced 3,959 sparrow heads and 342 rat tails. [C]
3 April 5 Little London Mrs Hume Winn (widow) married Lieutenant-Colonel R de Maryleki at Church of St John the Evangelist, Paddington. [C]
3 April 6 Pamber Heath Death of Mrs Joseph Hunt on Wednesday. [C]
3 April 8 Baughurst Mrs A Smith, secretary to Christian Mission Society visited the school to receive contents of the day school and Sunday School boxes. [C]
3 April 8 Baughurst Reading Room closed after successful season.
10 April 6 Pamber Heath Funeral of Mrs Joseph Hunt in burial ground adjoining Congregational Church, Tadley Hill (many mourners). [C]
17 April 6 Tadley Easter entertainments at Tadley amusingly announced by village crier dressed in traditional helmet and red coat, and ringing his bell. [C]
17 April 6 Tadley Church Lads Brigade took part in manouevres in Hackwood Park on Easter Monday. [C]
17 April 6 Tadley Primitive Methodist Chapel Sunday School anniversary was held on Easter Sunday and Monday. [C]
17 April 6 Baughurst Annual Parish meeting held in schoolroom on Thursday evening. [C]
17 April 6 Baughurst Easter Vestry meeting was held in schoolroom on Monday last, Rector Revd W S Steggall presided. [C]
17 April 6 Baughurst Church services throughout the day were bright and hearty and well attended. [C]
17 April 6 Silchester Easter Vestry meeting held on Tuesday at 12 noon in the school room, Rector Rev Thos. Langshaw and Mr Charles Knight attended. [C]
17 April 8 Silchester Successful bazaar held by Primitive Methodists of Silchester Circuit under direction of Superintendent Revd J Walker. [C]
17 April 8 Silchester Funeral of Mrs Middleton took place in Thursday amidst profound sympathy on part of the parishioners. [C]
24 April 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist local preacher Mr John Ham died on 21 April. He took great interest in Band of Hope and the Sunday School. [C]
1 May 6 Ramsdell Very interesting ceremony took place at parish church when 2 daughters of Mr and Mrs Prouten of South View Charter Ley were married. [C]
1 May 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist Sunday School anniversary services conducted by Mr Timberlake of Basingstoke. [C]
1 May 8 Silchester Funeral of Mr John Ham at Primitive Methodist Chapel many mourners listed. [C]
8 May
Baughurst Winchester No 1 Church Army van stationed in school playground for two weeks. Mission service with lantern slide illustrations. [C]
8 May 6 Baughurst Hospital Sunday Parade held in school on Monday evening, Good attendance. [C]
15 May 8 Baughurst Annual Hospital Sunday collection and parade held Sunday last, £22/15/9½ forwarded to Royal Berkshire Hospital. [C]
22 May 6 Pamber Heath Vine Hunt Keepers and Stoppers Feast at College Arms last Thursday kindly given by gentlemen of the Hunt. [C]
22 May 6 Little London Primitive Methodist Sunday School anniversary. Large congregation attended. [C]
22 May 6 Pamber Heath Death and funeral of Mr Charles Paice carpenter and undertaker aged 85. Funeral at Old Priory churchyard. [C]
22 May 6 Baughurst Rent audit on Duke of Wellington s Wolverton estate held at George & Dragon. His Grace the Duke was present. [C]
29 May 8 Baughurst Schoolchildren of this parish celebrated Empire Day. National Anthem and patriotic songs were sung and the flag saluted. [C]
29 May 8 Tadley Empire Day kept for the first time in Tadley owing to energy and enthusiasm displayed by Mrs Ward. Forty foot flagstaff with a truck at the top erected in front of school.
29 May 8 Pamber Heath The case of the Old Hatchet Beer House at Pamber Heath came before the Compensation Authority at their principal meeting at Winchester on Tuesday. [C]
5 June 5 Bramley Court Pride of Bramley Foresters held their annual fete at Beaurepaire Park on Thursday last. [C]
5 June 6 Wolhampton Excitement caused on Monday evening by balloon flown by Hon C S Rolls travelling from Whitchurch, eventually coming down at back of Wolverton Farm. [C]
5 June 6 Tadley Henry Rogers, Hesther Rawlings and Mary Rogers were charges with using obscene language on 1st May at Newtown. Fined £1 with 7s costs each. [C]
5 June 6 Baughurst Church services throughout Whitsunday were fully choral. There was a good number of communicants at the early celebration.
5 June 6 Baughurst A rummage sale organised by Mrs Steggall took place in the schoolroom on Friday last. Sale realised £6-odd altogether. [C]
5 June 6 Baughurst Annual Camp Meeting services held by Primitive Methodists on Sunday last in a meadow near the chapel kindly loaned by Mr E Jacob. [C]
5 June 6 Tadley Congregational Sunday school anniversary services held in the church on Whitsunday. [C]
5 June 6 Aldermaston Young couple marrying in parish church were unable to produce a wedding ring for the bride. Revd F Horwood kindly took off his own ring and loaned it to them. [C]
12 June 4 Tadley Advert. Annual Hospital Sunday Parade and collections will take place on Sunday 27 June with local bands. [C]
12 June 8 Silchester Open air Sunday afternoon Mission services on village green again being held. [C]
12 June 8 Silchester On eve of wedding of Miss East to Mr Fred Smith, Miss East s grandfather Mr Daniel Clift sadly passed away and the wedding was postponed. [C]
19 June 7 Aldermaston Death of Mrs Wright wife of Mr John Wright proprietor of Hind s Head Hotel cast a gloom over the village. [C]
19 June 7 Aldermaston Mr George Johnson, recently retired, after having driven the mail cart from Reading to Brimpton for nearly 40 years without one day s absence was last week presented with a purse containing 20 guineas. [C]
26 June 8 Silchester Accident on Monday evening highlighted the dangers of youthful cyclists riding beside carts and wagons. Sidney Ham had his hand crushed and his thumb was amputated in Reading hospital.





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