Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1910.

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1 January 5 Pamber Heath Rev. W.S. Walford and choir presented organist Mr. W. Yates with bound copy of Handel s Messiah at the Choir Supper in Church Cottage. (C)
1 January 5 Silchester Wedding of Miss Marion Coleman - dressed in a purple costume and cream beaver hat trimmed with gold to Mr. Henry Murrey of Aberdeenshire. (C).
1 January 6 Tadley Garden Society Social Evening in the tastefully decorated Church Room included songs accompanied by violins and piano with whist and other games. (C)
1 January 6 Silchester A sailor with a little girl, walking from Bramley to Pamber Heath encountered floods at the Withey Bed in Silchester and had to wade through twice, the bridge being 10 12 under water. (C).
1 January 6 Silchester A gold tie pin was presented to Mr. R Cooper for his services as Hon. Sec. to The Crown Inn Slate Club at their Annual Dinner. (C)
1 January 7 Baughurst Christmas Tree decorated for 35 infant scholars by assistant Infant Mistress.(C)
1 January 7 Baughurst The Rector visited the school and presented four children with the George Lamb prizes of Bibles for the highest attendances. ©
1 January 7 Baughurst Fully choral services held in the nicely decorated church at Christmastide.(C)
1 January 7 Baughurst The Kingsclere Fire Brigade attended a wheat rick fire at Povey s Farm- one rick was destroyed, believed to be the work of boys playing with matches.(C)
8 January 5 Bramley Report of The Bramley Foresters New Year s Supper, participants and presentations, at the Six Bells Hotel.(C)
8 January 5 Little London Thirty one people of the Little London Slate Club sat down to a supper and concert at the Plough Inn. Last year s share out was £1.5s. per member. ©
8 January 8 Silchester Crown Inn Slate Club meeting. ©
8 January 8 Silchester Entertainments for members at the Impstone Reading Room. ©
8 January 8 Silchester Fifty performers, principally children from Silchester and Pamber Heath took part in a Children s Missionary Pageant in the schoolroom. ©.
8 January 8 Silchester The annual tea and Christmas tree given by the Rector took place in the Schoolroom and included distribution of prizes.(C)
8 January 8 Silchester The Primitive Methodist Sunday School - about 100 adults and children were provided with tea, a tree, recitations and presents.(C)
8 January 8 Pamber Heath Good use made of the Pamber Heath Rifle Range situated in the White House grounds by the Rifle Club which is backed by influential people of the neighbourhood. ©.
8 January 8 Pamber Heath The New Year s Dinner of the Slate Club took place at the Pelican Inn characterised by good fellowship and harmony.(C)
8 January 8 Wolverton. The eight Wolverton bellringers rang in the New Year and the Rev. Scott entertained them to supper. ©
8 January 8 Wolverton Thirty members of the Mother s Union, G.F.S. and Mission Sewing Class given a Christmas party at the Rectory.(C)
15 January 5 Silchester Death of respected carrier and member of the Bramley Foresters, Mr. James Wheeler aged 62 years. ©
15 January 5 Ramsdale The whole village turned our for the popular marriage of Miss Theodosia Chapman to Walter Henderson Molesworth. ©
22 January 5 Tadley Entertainment in the Church Room included comic songs, a sketch, waxworks, Pierrot party, and a nigger troupe. Profit of £3.4s.3d. ©
22 January 5 Mortimer Report of examination results of Chichester House School. ©
29 January 6 Ewhurst Duke and Duchess of Wellington provided entertainment and tea for over 200 employees of Ewhurst and Wolverton Estates. ©
29 January 6 Baughurst Committee Meeting of the Baughurst and Tadley Garden Society to decide the date of the Show for this year. ©
5 February 8 Pamber Heath There was a good attendance at the Rifle Range for the monthly Spoon Shoot. ©.
5 February 8 Pamber Heath There were good congregations at St. Luke s for the special services in aid of the Church Missionary Society. ©
5 February 8 Bramley A petition has been got up by local inhabitants to enable the 10.13 p.m. train from Reading to be stopped at Bramley by request of a passenger asking the guard to do so. ©.
12 February 6 Baughurst The 14 choir and bellringers were entertained by the kindness of the Rector to a good supper in the schoolroom. ©
19 February 7 Silchester Golden Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. James Goddard. Of the 13 children born to them 6 are still living and 7 lie in the peaceful churchyard. ©
19 February 7 Silchester The Primitive Methodist Christian Endeavour Society held a social evening for about 70 people in the Impstone Reading Room. ©
19 February 7 Wolverton A scene from Uncle Tom s Cabin, short sketches, vocal and instrumental music and some charming tableaux were part of an entertainment given in the Schoolroom. ©
19 February 7 Pamber Heath The new organ in St. Luke s Church was used for the first time at one of the special Lent services arranged for Thursday evenings.(C)
19 February 8 Ramsdale The Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. James Tuggey of Charter Alley was celebrated on Friday the 18th Inst.
21 February Nil.

5 March Nil.

12 March 7 Baughurst (I don t seem to have the copy for this) AVB
12 March 7 Bramley -do-
12 March 8 Silchester Mr. William Yates gave a lantern entertainment to the Christian Endeavour Soc. in the Primitive Methodist Chapel. ©
12 March 8 Pamber Heath Quote from Monk Sherborne and Pamber Magazine regarding the new American organ now in use in St. Luke s Church.
12 March 8 Little London Farewell gathering at the Plough Inn for young Mr. Bert Thomas before he set sail for Canada on the Empress of Ireland. ©
19 March 8 Silchester (note on Derek s sheet Out of paper ) AVB
2 April 5 Silchester Schools closed for Easter holidays.(C)
2 April 5 Silchester Lack of interest in both Church and Parish Council matters shown by only 2 persons attending Easter Vestry meeting. ©
2 April 5 Silchester Tadley Salvation Army Corps band entertained the well-filled Primitive Methodist Chapel at their service.(C)
2 April 5 Silchester The Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band contributed to the success of the Centenary Celebrations of the Primitive Methodist Church.(C)
2 April 5 Silchester Wedding of Kate Baker to Mr. Frank Godden of Stratfieldsaye. Gathering afterwards at Latchmere Farm.(C)
2 April 5 Pamber Heath A goodly number attended the vestry meeting at Church Cottage.(C)
2 April 5 Pamber Heath Epecially good Easter offerings of £4.10s.11d. were given at St. Luke s services whilst the sun shone upon the tastefully decorated church.(C)
2 April 5 Pamber Heath The pretty wedding of assistant teacher at Aldermaston School, Miss Rosa Cripps and Mr. Frederick Stacey took place at the Old Congregational Church, Tadley Hill.(c)(List of wedding presents and donors).
2 April 6 Baughurst Entertainment by the Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band at the Mission Hall, Hawkhurst Hill.(c)
2 April 6 Wolverton Very handsome altar rail kneeler presented to the Parish Church by members of Wolverton G.F.S.(c)
2 April 6 Wolverton Easter Day began with a peal of bells at the church and the services were well attended.(C)
2 April 8 Tadley Entertainment provided by the band and choir of Mortimer West Congregational Chapel at the old meeting house on Good Friday.
9 April 5 Baughurst Meeting of the Committee to make arrangements for the Hospital Sunday Parade.(C)
9 April 5 Silchester Highest praise to Miss Thatcher and her assistants for the delightful programme at the School Concerts.(C)
9 April 5 Silchester Travel lecture given by Mr. Chaloner Smith complete with beautiful lantern views at Impstone Reading Room.(C)
9 April 5 Silchester Sudden death of Mrs. Peirce of the Pound whilst walking to the Silchester Schools concert.(C)
9 April 5 Mortimer West End Mark John Bowman and Austin White both summoned for assault at the Reading County Bench but after evidence given both summonses were dismissed.(C)
9 April 5 Tadley Annual Sunday School services held over Easter at the Primitive Methodist Chapel. Gatherings of children and adults enjoyed tea and music.(C)
9 April 5 Little London At the annual supper of the Plough Inn Rat and Sparrow Club it was stated that 2.039 birds and 477 rats had been caught showing a decrease in the number of heads and increase of tails.(C)
16 April 7 Mortimer West End Death of the much loved and respected Rev. A.L. White at the age of 86 years, seven weeks after a necessary operation (List of mourners and details of his life). ©
16 April 8 Tadley The second social given by the Baughurst and Tadley Garden Society for about 60 people in the Iron Room included dancing and whist.(C)
16 April 8 Little London A scheme is on foot for local poultry keepers to form a co-operative egg depot to ensure more adequate returns to egg producers.
16 April 8 Mortimer Mr. Austin James White writes that he was not the Austin White concerned in the assault case reported in our last issue.
23 April 6 Baughurst First meeting of the new Parish Council held in the schoolroom. A precept was signed for £3. on the parish rate and an allotment question discussed. ©
23 April 6 Pamber The annual meeting of the Pamber Parish Council appointed a small committee to inspect footpaths in the whole of the parish.(C)
23 April 6 Tadley First meeting of the new Parish Council appointed two allotment wardens for Tadley and re-appointed the haywarden. A precept was signed for £12. Letter from Postmaster-General granted the extension of delivery of letters on Sundays.(C)
23 April 8 Silchester £3. was added to the school children s outing fund after a successful whist drive and social organised by Miss Thatcher and staff, despite bad weather.(C)
23 April 8 Pamber Heath Sad news received from Canada of the death of Rev. T.H. Cuthbert who was curate-in-charge in Pamber Heath for a short time in 1907.(C)
30 April 5 Silchester Parish Council meeting decided to repair the footbridge near the withy bed and to prosecute all out-parishioners cutting or taking wood from the Common.(C)
7 May 8 Silchester Mrs. Thorold arranged a sale of needlework etc. which raised the sum of £62. towards the fund for repairing the Silchester church.(C)
7 May 8 Silchester Death and funeral of Mr. William Knight, 86 years, a very old inhabitant of Silchester who left 10 children, 40 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren.(C) (List of mourners).
7 May 8 Baughurst Mr. Pike of Thatcham conducted the anniversary services held by the Primitive Methodists. Large congregations present.(C)
7 May 8 Baughurst Albert Gray was presented with County medal for perfect attendance at school during the year. Shields and certificates presented to other children.(C)
14 May 7 Tadley The King passed away. The school flag was flown at half-mast and the church bell tolled out the sad news.(C)
14 May 7 Pamber The Bishop of Guildford (Dr. Randolph) held a Confirmation service at the ancient church of Pamber Priory. The candidates and choirs came from surrounding villages. The Bishop travelled in his motor car.(C)
21 May 5 Silchester The golden gorse on the Common at Whitsuntide was the best within their memory say some of our elder folk. A busy time with people, traps, motors and cyclists.(C)
21 May 5 Baughurst The Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band attended the annual camp meeting services held by the Primitive Methodists. ©
28 May 7 Tadley A most impressive memorial service was held at the Parish Church to pay last respects to the late King. There was a large congregation present.(C)
28 May 7 Wolverton A memorial service of solemnity and reverence was held in the filled Parish Church at the time of the burial at Windsor.(C)
28 May 7 Baughurst A memorial service was held in the Parish Church. The bells rang muffled peals and form No. 3 of the special service was used. ©
28 May 7 Silchester A memorial service which included members of other denominations and the Silchester section of the Territorials was held in the Parish Church.(C)
28 May 7 Silchester The annual open-air services of the Primitive Methodist Camp Meetings were well attended in beautiful weather.(C)
28 May 7 Silchester Another pretty wedding of a daughter of Mr. William Barker, this time Miss Daisy Barker to Mr. Harry Ealand Griffiths of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.(C)
28 May 7 Silchester Empire Day celebrations were considerably curtailed on account of the King s death. After the ceremony the children were given the remainder of the day as a holiday.(C)
28 May 8 Pamber The Rev. W.S. Walford conducted the bright and hearty services at St. Luke s church on Trinity Sunday.(C)
28 May 8 Pamber Young Fred Long s hand and arm were swollen and painful after being bitten by a large adder when he put his hand into a hole by the Forest, thinking it was a bird s nest. ©
4 June 8 Tadley At a meeting of the Tadley Parish Council in the Council School it was proposed that a letter be sent to the Postmaster, Basingstoke about the unfair distribution of pillar boxes in Tadley. ©
4 June 8 Silchester An entertainment was given in the Impstone Reading Room to celebrate the closing of the club for the first season since the Misses Cockerton bought the property. ©
4 June 8 Pamber Heath Fred Long who had been bitten by an adder is now making a rapid recovery after a time when his life hung in the balance. ©
11 June 8 Silchester Junior cricketers have been practising on the village green and have played two matches against Bramley and Tadley. ©
11 June 8 Silchester King George V s birthday notified by flying the new flag at the school. ©
11 June 8 Silchester The Reading district of the National Telephone Co. selected Silchester with its open common and Roman remains for its annual outing. ©
11 June 8 Silchester The Misses Cockerton invited members of the Reading Room with wives and friends to a party on Fri. 3rd inst (King George s birthday). ©
11 June 8 Baughurst Death of Mr. William Webb in his 74th year, who for many years farmed Church and Browning Hill Farms. ©
18 June 7 Wolverton The cottage of Widow Cooper was struck by lightning, passing through the cottage, knocking a clock of the mantelpiece and making a hole through the newspaper she was reading rendering her temporarily deaf.(C)
18 June 7 Baughurst Two valuable horses belonging to Mr. Boulton of the The George and Dragon were killed instantly by lightning during a very heavy storm. ©
18 June 7 Tadley Much sorrow was felt at the death of Mabel Kernutt who died peacefully at the age of 13 years after a short but painful illness. ©
25 June 5
Mr. S.F. Cody, aviator, narrowly escaped death on Laffan s Plain after a fall of 50-60 feet whilst testing several new ideas incorporated in his aeroplane. (Detailed eye witness account from his chief assistant included).(C)
25 June 5 Padworth Perfect weather attended the annual United Temperance Festival held in the beautiful grounds of Padworth Park which encouraged visitors from Reading and the surrounding villages.(C)
25 June 8 Tadley The annual camp meeting services of the Primitive Methodists were held on the recreation ground where earnest addresses were given from a wagon kindly lent by Mr. J. Stacey.(C).
2 July 6 Tadley In spite of heavy showers, Hospital Sunday was well attended by helpers, friends, Lad s Brigades and five bands, raising £24.(C)
2 July 6*
Albert Jacob George, aged 14 years, was charged with setting fire to the house of his employer in Tadley. Full details given. ©
2 July 8* Silchester Weekend visit of the Ven. Archdeacon Fearon.(C)
2 July 8* Pamber A good muster of village folk witnessed the interesting wedding of Mr. Alfred Norris and Miss Thirza Barlow at the Priory Church. ©
9 July 8 Little London Presentation of a complete dinner service to Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Norris by the Little London Slate Club as a token of esteem and friendship. List of wedding presents.
9 July 8 Silchester Visit to Silchester of
16 July 6 Ewhurst A shocking accident occurred last week at Povey s Farm when farmer Mr. Ford was gored in the jaw by a young bull.
16 July 6 Silchester 72 Schoolchildren with adults enjoyed their summer outing to Bournemouth by train last Saturday including a splendid view of the airships.
16 July 6 Pamber At the meeting of the Parish Council the Chairman was requested by the Council to call a further meeting in order to test the feeling of the parishioners in reference to the proposed sale of the parish pound.
16 July 7 Baughurst Choir and bellringers outing to Southsea where various activities were enjoyed including a performance at the Hippodrome, arriving back at Baughurst at midnight.
23 July 5 Tadley Sudden death of Ann Saunders aged 68 years who fell down near her front door and died almost immediately. After a superficial examination of the body the doctor was of the opinion that she died from the rupture of a blood-vessel on the brain. ©
23 July 5 Silchester A fine picnic was generously provided by Mr. W. Benham for some 50 infants who did not go to the seaside with the older children.
23 July 5 Silchester A red letter day for the little people of the Church Sunday School when the Rector provided them with their annual summer treat.(C)
23 July 5 Silchester The Choir travelled by train to visit the Japanese Exhibition at the White City .
23 July 5 Little London A goodly gathering of villagers enjoyed a strawberry tea by the bountiful hospitality of Col. and Mrs. Marylski.(C)
23 July 7 Wolverton Outing to Southsea of the Girls Bible Class. ©
23 July 7 Tadley Anniversary services were held on Sunday the 10th inst. at the Primitive Methodist Chapel.
23 July 7 Tadley The Basingstoke & District Christian Endeavour Union held their annual
23 July 7 Tadley At a meeting of the Tadley Parish Council in the Council School, Tadley Hill, it was decided to inspect the encroachments on the Common.(C)
30 July 5 Tadley About 50 members of the Primitive Methodist Band of Hope travelled by train to Bournemouth for their annual outing, arriving home at 11.30 p.m. ©
30 July 5 Tadley Mrs. H. Saunders, a devoted member of the Primitive Methodist Church, so prized her quarterly class tickets that when she died last week about 50 were placed on her body, making a fitting shroud for her burial.(C)
30 July 5 Baughurst and Tadley Garden Society Visitors from far and near came to the show held at the Park adjoining Hawley House on an unlooked-for rarity of a real summer s day.
30 July 7 Silchester Hospital Sunday Parade with four bands including the Baughurst and the Tadley Salvation Army bands.
6 August 4 Ramsdale The twenty-seventh exhibition of the Ramsdale and Ewhurst Cottage Garden Society held in a meadow at Holly Bush. Garden Produce was judged Div. 1 (Labourers), Div. 2 (open), and sports including a Perambulator Race for ladies.
6 August 7 Tadley A charge of assault was heard at Kingsclere Petty Sessions in connection with a fight which followed an argument about non-payments for work.
13 August 7 Baughurst No copy of page.
20 August 6 Baughurst No copy of page.
27 August 6 Tadley About 50 members of St. Peter s Church Sunday School visited Bournemouth by train.
27 August 6 Tadley Heath End Choir held their all expenses paid beanfeast at Cowes, travelling by train.
27 August 6 Tadley Miss Marjorie Evans, Sunday School Superintendent, district visitor and choir member, was presented with a travelling clock and solid silver candlesticks on the occasion of her marriage to Mr. F.G. Strange. ©
27 August 6 Baughurst At the quarterly meeting of the Parish Council, Mr. Ernest Stedham, manager of the Capital and Counties Bank, Basingstoke was appointed treasurer.(C)
27 August 6 Baughurst An inquest was held by the County Coroner on the body of Horace Attwood, aged 4 years who died after a short illness possibly caused by a fall which ruptured the duct near the gall bladder.
27 August 8 Pamber Heath The choir and Church workers of St. Luke s had a seaside excursion to Cowes. ©
27 August 8 Little London Mr. Andrew Thomas of the Plough Inn has received a letter from his son Mr. Bert Thomas, giving a good account of his doings in Canada. ©
27 August 8 Silchester No copy of page showing this item.
3 September 5? Mortimer West End No copy of this page.
3 September 6 Mortimer West End Warrant applied for at the Divisional Petty Sessions by the owner, for the possession of a cottage and garden.
3 September 6 Ramsdale The Rev. A.F. Rutty has accepted the rectorship of Lyminge, Kent.
10 September 6 Tadley Omitted from the account of the wedding of Miss Marjorie Evans and Mr. F.G. Strange was the fact that a detachment of the Berkshire Yeomanry formed up with crossed swords outside the church. (List of further wedding presents). ©
10 September 7 Tadley. Past and present members of the Tadley Cricket and Football Clubs presented Miss Marjorie Evans with a handsome copper kettle, brass stand and copper tray on the occasion of her marriage, in appreciation of her financial efforts on their behalf.(C).
10 September 8 Little London. Wedding of Miss Vera Harrison and Mr. Hubert Peake at the Parish Church of All Saints, Grayswood.
10 September 8 Pamber. Sudden death of widow Elizabeth Pearce aged 66 years, attributed to heart disease by the County Coroner. ©
17 September 6 Silchester Two gorse fires raged on Silchester Common causing some anxiety to those living near but no damage to property occurred. ©
24 September 8 Tadley Death of Mrs. Mary Sims, daughter of the late Mr. William Stacey, wood and timber merchant of Tadley, in her 50th year.(C).
24 September 8 Tadley At the Tadley Parish Council meeting, it was decided that Councillors should inspect encroachments on the Common.
24 September 8 Pamber Heath. A large onion on view at the Pelican Inn scaling 1.3/4 lbs. and measuring 16 inches in circumference. ©
24 September 8 Pamber Heath The Vicar acknowledges in the Parish Magazine specific contributions to the Curacy Fund. ©
24 September 8 Baughurst. Special services were held in the Church and collections made on behalf of the Church Missionary Society amounting to £2.1s.11.1/2d. ©.
1 October 8 Silchester Large gorse fires on Silchester Common which continued nightly were battled by local people.(C)
1 October 8 Silchester The visit of the Conservative Van to Silchester was attended by a large gathering.
1 October 8 Silchester Harvest Thanksgiving at the ancient Parish Church of St. Mary was packed with a large congregation and the exceedingly beautiful decorations reflected credit on the ladies who undertook them.(C)
1 October 8 Silchester Considerable discussion took place at the Parish Council Meeting regarding 29 acres of land offered by the Duke of Wellington for allotments at £1. an acre.
1 October 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist Harvest Festival the sacred building was packed to its utmost capacity and the fruit, vegetables and flowers were auctioned and realised £3.13s.6d. ©
1 October 8 Ramsdale The Bishop of Winchester has appointed the Rev. George Sampson, curate of Petersfield, to the vicarage of Ramsdale. ©
1 October 8 Ramsdale The sacred edifice was tastefully adorned with fruit, flowers and vegetables for the services of Harvest Festival.
8 October 3 Baughurst The annual Harvest Supper given to workmen took place at the George and Dragon Inn.
8 October 3 Baughurst The Primitive Methodists held their harvest thanksgiving services.
8 October 3 Baughurst Harvest Thanksgiving services held in the Parish Church were fairly well attended.
8 October 3 Silchester Rain caused a check on the continuing gorse fires on the common.
8 October 3 Silchester A good number of members attended the entertainments in the Impstone Reading Room to celebrate its opening for the winter months. ©
8 October 3 Mortimer West End A large congregation attended the old Congregational Chapel in the pine woods for Harvest Festival services.
8 October 3 Ramsdale In wishing his people farewell the Rev. A.F. Rutty impressed most earnestly upon them to continue strong in the Faith.(C)
8 October 3 Ramsdale The thanks of all are due to Mrs. Frogbrook for organising the Jumble Sale in the Schoolroom which raised £11. odd, with everything marked at low figures to secure rapid disposal. ©
8 October 3 Wolverton At St. Catherine s Church the especially good musical part of the Harvest Festival services, an interesting sermon and some very fine change ringing were appreciated by the congregations.
8 October 5 Little London Autumnal foliage, fruit, vegetables, corn, bread and roots decorated the little mission church for the Harvest thanksgiving service to Almighty God for His blessings once more bestowed.
15 October 3 Tadley Exceptionally large congregations attended the harvest thanksgiving services
15 October 5 Basingstoke. Opening ceremony of the Electric Theatre at the bottom of Wote Street.
15 October 8 Charter Alley. The annual harvest thanksgiving services at the specially decorated Primitive Methodist Chapel were well attended. ©
19 October 5 Silchester There was standing room only for the recent Conservative meeting held in the Schoolroom.
19 October 7 Mortimer West End An oak lych gate in grateful remembrance of the good works of Rev. Adolphus Leighton White and his wife was dedicated on Sunday. The oak was grown on Mr. Benyon s estate and the gate erected by Mr. E. Merrick. (Detailed article). (C)
19 October 7 Pamber A penalty of 10s. was imposed on E.H. Rose, a travelling grinder, for thrashing and loudly using obscene language to his pony whilst driving at a tremendous pace along the road from Silchester to Tadley. ©
22 October 6 Tadley Parish Council Meeting requesting Hants. Educ. Committee to discontinue the school van conveying children to and from Heath End as there are so few children using it to save expense to the ratepayers.
22 October 6 Baughurst The Reading Room opened for the winter months which proved a great boon to the young men of the village who engaged in the various games provided. ©
22 October 6 Pamber The College Arms Quoit Club annual supper was quite a success with about thirty sitting down to an excellent repast.
22 October 6 Pamber Benjamin Freeman, a blacksmith aged 65 years, collapsed and died in a lane near Pamber Church whilst walking with Alfred James Fletcher.
22 October 6 Pamber Heath. Special services were carried out in connection with the dedication of St. Luke s Church. ©
5 November 6 Tadley Some 200 eager buyers bought up everything in half an hour at the Annual Church Rummage Sale realising about £14. ©
5 November 6 Sherborne St. John Junior members of the Primrose League were given a short address by Miss Norah Chute and taken on an imaginary journey around the world in an airship by means of lantern slides.
5 November 6 Pamber Mr. & Mrs. Wootten of the Old House at Home and the disappearing nuts.
5 November 6 Pamber Heath The Harvest Festival at St. Luke s Church took place last Sunday as it was decided to await the return of Rev. Canon Robertson to have the pleasure of his presence in the pulpit.(C)
5 November 6 Silchester Mr. Lambden s gramophone was used to delight the audience of about 90 at the Primitive Methodist Band of Hope and Temperance Social last week. ©
5 November 6 Silchester Despite the wet weather about 90 people turned up to the Whist Drive, Dance and Social organised by Miss Thatcher who is regrettably anticipating leaving after 10 years as head teacher at Silchester Schools. ©
12 November 8 Tadley The Parish Council dealt in detail with the possibility/requirement for a van to transport children from Heath End to Tadley School in a letter to the Chairman of the Education Committee. (Detailed report).(C)
19 November 6 Monk Sherborne A party of 12 from Wootton St. Lawrence paid a visit to Monk Sherborne for Whist and Cribbage Matches.
19 November 6 Tadley Between 80 and 90 people from many villages around Tadley attended an enjoyable social evening in aid of the Teachers Benevolent and Orphan Fund, organised by Mr. & Mrs. Follett. ©
19 November 6 Silchester Parish Council Meeting held regarding allotments. ©
19 November 6 Silchester Primitive Methodist Chapel.
19 November 6 Baughurst Temperance.
28 November 5 Silchester Messrs Musselwhite and Sapp of Basingstoke have the work of rebuilding the church tower, the old one having been pulled down.
28 November 5 Silchester There is a vacant chair on one side of the fireplace in their old cottage on the passing to her rest of Mrs. Smith, wife of the aged woodman Mr. William Smith who spent the greater part of his life working on the Duke of Wellington s Estate. ©
28 November 5 Silchester On Thursday evening a series of 60 excellent lantern slides illustrating the full length of the Thames were shown in the Reading Room, interpolated with amusing boating stories from Mr. Chaloner Smith. ©
28 November 5 Silchester A most successful concert was once again organised by Miss Thatcher who will shortly been leaving as school-mistress after 10 years. Many regret that she cannot stay. ©
28 November 5 Tadley Tadley Parish Council Meeting resolved that the Chairman should ask the District Council if the Parish Council could have gravel from Heath End gravel pit to repair the footpath at Heath End. ©
28 November 7 Baughurst The annual collection for Dr. Barnardo s Homes was made by scholars. (List of scholars and amounts collected).(C)
28 November 7 Baughurst A duologue entitled Josephine , songs, duets and a piano solo were part of the capital entertainment provided at the successful social tea organised by the Rector and Mrs. Steggall for between 60 and 70 people.
28 November 7 Tadley In spite of unfavourable weather, there were large congregations at the Primitive Methodist Chapel for the annual missionary meetings.(C)
3 December 7 Tadley A sumptuous tea was served to 150 ticket holders for the 4th annual parochial tea given by the Rector of Tadley and Mrs. Ward on the date of their first arrival in Tadley. A great variety of entertainments followed for the 200 people crammed into the room given by, amongst others, Miss Marshall and Miss Roller.(C)
10 December 7 Tadley A correspondent signing himself Ratepayer wrote regarding the Parish Council meeting report in our last issue.
17 December 8 Silchester A report from our Correspondent regarding the danger of Silchester Brook.
24 December 6 Tadley Tadley Parish Council.
24 December 6 Baughurst The Rev. Steggall visited the school and distributed the George Lamb prize Bibles to the most regular and highest positioned scholars.
24 December 6 Baughurst At the quarterly meeting of the Parish Council two letters were read, one
24 December 6 Wolverton An excellent supper was provided by Mr. & Mrs. Laws for members and friends of the Wolverton Slate Club at the Hare and Hounds Inn. ©
31 December 3 Silchester A splendid repast was laid out by Mr. and the Misses Taylor for the annual dinner for
31 December 3 Silchester Amid depressing and gloomy weather Miss Evelyn Agatha Langshaw married Mr. John Bartlet Goodrich of the Royal North-West Canadian Mounted Police.
31 December 6 Wolverton Members of the Mothers Union, Bible Class and G.F.S. attended a tea at the Rectory during which Miss Gates was presented with a cheque and an illuminated address in recognition of her 20 years of faithful service as Head Mistress of Wolverton School. ©



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