Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1911.

Items marked [C] have been copied by TADS.

Issue date Page Village News
7/1/1911 6 Baughurst On Christmas Eve an evening of good food and singing was enjoyed at The Cricketers Inn, the singing assisted by a piccolo and melodeon. [C]
7/1/1911 6 Baughurst A successful musical and dramatic entertainment was given in the schoolroom on Monday afternoon which realised about £5 for parochial funds. [C]
7/1/1911 6 Monk Sherborne A capital spread was provided for The New Inn Slate Club at their annual supper with each member receiving £1.5s.4.1/2d. [C]
7/1/1911 6 Monk Sherborne Christmas fare and entertainment was provided for the choir and ringers by General Lukin at The New Inn. One of the songs rendered by Mr A Woods was The Death of Nelson . [C]
7/1/1911 6 Little London Over twenty songs, both grave and gay were sung at the end of the annual share-out of The Plough Inn Slate Club on 21 December. [C]
14/1/1911 7 Ramsdell At the annual share-out of The Rose Inn Slate Club it was proposed to hold the annual dinner on 6 January when about 40 people sat down to a bountiful repast. [C]
14/01/1911 8 Baughurst Before dismissal, about 40 children were given a present and two oranges after they attended tea and entertainment at The Mission Hall, Haughurst Hill. Songs included The Sinner and the Song and The School of Sorrow . [C]
14/1/1911 8 Baughurst The annual tea and Christmas tree to the children attending the Church Sunday School took place in the schoolroom, with games and a present for each child from the Christmas tree. [C]
14/1/1911 8 Tadley Last week a dinner and social evening in connection with The Malthouse Slate Club took place. [C]
21/1/1911 6 Pamber A long report about the deplorable condition of a labourer s family who were living in a shed which was unfit for human habitation, having been turned out of their cottage. Magistrates sitting in Basingstoke heard information from the NSPCC and eventually six of the seven children were taken into the workhouse. [C]
21/1/1911 6 Silchester A very long report of the proceedings at the Basingstoke Divisional Petty Sessions regarding the landlord of The Crown Inn who was summoned for keeping his house open during a period (Sunday morning) when it was required to be kept closed. Persons being found there who were not bona fide travellers. [C]
21/1/1911 6 Monk Sherborne Cornelius Williams was fined 5s including costs by Basingstoke magistrates for having a cart on which his name was not printed. [C]
21/1/1911 6 Monk Sherborne Afternoon lessons were abandoned at the Priory School recently for a Christmas treat. By 4.30 pm there was almost full attendance of the little ones waiting to do ample justice to the good things provided for them. [C]
21/1/1911 6 Ramsdell John Watmore, a hay tier, was bound over for the sum of £1 by Basingstoke Divisional Petty Sessions for stealing a knife and fork from the landlord of The Rose Inn, Ramsdell. [C]
21/1/1911 6 Baughurst The gramophone, piano and duets formed part of the entertainment at the choir and bell ringers annual supper in the schoolroom last Tuesday. [C]
21/1/1911 8 Tadley A large and appreciative audience heard a lecture from Miss S J Wallis and Miss E M Smith, the subject being their African tour. [C]
28/1/1911 7 Monk Sherborne The Reading Room was comfortably filled for a Penny Reading on Friday evening. The company were kept interested and amused by the lecture Eastern life and customs , given by the Revd G L Bennett MA. [C]
28/1/1911 8 Silchester There was another gorse fire on the common on Sunday night but owing to the damp state of the gorse it did not rage long. [C]
28/1/1911 8 Silchester 100 people enjoyed the entertainment and tea provided at the Impstone Reading Room in connection with the Primitive Methodist Christian Endeavour Society. [C]
4/2/1911 5 Silchester Correspondent for Silchester and neighbourhood is Mr A J Goddard. [C]
4/2/1911 5 Silchester A new residence, The Grange, presented a pretty picture against the dark green background of pine woods when lit up by the gorse fires on the Common. [C]
4/2/1911 5 Silchester The Impstone Reading Room was the venue for an entertainment to raise money to purchase a tent for the Cricket Club. The tragic recitations of Miss Marshall of Tadley kept the audience spellbound. [C]
4/2/1911 6 Pamber David Monger appeared at the Divisional Petty Sessions, Basingstoke for assaulting his daughter-in-law Mrs Ellen Monger. He also suggested that her daughter belonged to William Stacey . The Bench inflicted a penalty of £1 including costs. [C]
18/2/1911 8 Silchester Gorse fires again raging on the Common. [C]
18/2/1911 8 Silchester Mr R W Neville made a capital MC at a dance organised by Mr C Knight and patronised by a goodly company. [C]
18/2/1911 8 Padworth Funeral of Mrs Ellen Cohen, aged 24 years and only married 15 months, at Padworth Church. Ellen was the daughter of Mr & Mrs William Rampton who lived for many years in Tadley where she was well known. [C]
25/2/1911 8 Monk Sherborne The little iron room was again taxed to its utmost capacity, when nearly 90 people attended a penny reading in the form of a gramophone concert, for the second week in succession. [C]
25/2/1911 8 Silchester A splendid and well-rendered programme given by the Gospel Temperance Brass Band and Baughurst Sunday School scholars, delighted a large congregation at the Primitive Methodist Chapel. [C]
25/2/1911 8 Pamber Heath Pamber Heath can now boast its own Post Office in Mr Benham s Shop, a great boon to this hamlet. We hope soon to say the telegraph has also been connected. [C]
25/2/1911 8 Pamber Heath After doing important evangelistic work in the North of England, the Rev E Digges La Touche, MA, DLitt of Trinity College, Dublin has commenced his ministry at St Luke s Church. [C]
25/2/1911 8 Wolverton Children figured largely in the excellent variety entertainment which took place in a packed Schoolroom last week. The money will be devoted to Sunday School expenses. [C]
4/3/1911 5 Tadley A Parish Council meeting was held at the School, Tadley Hill when cheques were signed and various allotments reallocated after the death of their holders. It was reported that a shed at Tadley Bottom looked very ugly but there was no encroachment. [C]
4/3/1911 5 Silchester A correspondent wrote about witnessing three rats crossing a stream with dock roots in their mouths, taken from a heap on the roadside a dozen yards from the stream. This was seen from a bridge near Lower Farm. [C]
4/3/1911 5 Monk Sherborne General Sir William Knox presided over a meeting at the Priory School held under the auspices of the National Service League. Major Cave spoke of the objects of the League and young men were encouraged to come forward to enable the country to have a trained body of men at her call. [C]
4/3/1911 5 Baughurst Friends from other local villages joined with Baughurst residents to enjoy a successful social evening consisting of a whist drive and dance in the Schoolroom. It was noted that as at a couple of previous drives, Mrs Ford won 1st prize. [C]
11/3/1911 5 Tadley At the meeting of the Parish Council it was decided that a letter should be sent to the Education Committee regarding the cost to ratepayers of the school van which is out of proportion to the advantages of bringing a few children from Heath End to school. Dr Phillips requested the exact boundaries of his recently bought property in Broadhalfpenny. [C]
11/3/1911 5 Pamber A travelling dairy school provided ten days instruction in butter making and cream cheese making at the College Arms, given by Miss Darrell. [C]
11/3/1911 5 Silchester Advert Mr Howard Myland attends at Mr Albert Ford s, Silchester Common, every Thursday from 2 till 6. Teeth extracted. [C]
11/3/1911 5 Wolverton An inquest was held at the Hare & Hounds Inn on the body of Alfred Simpson, 80 years, who lived with his son-in-law and daughter having previously been in the Workhouse. The verdict of death due to heart failure was returned. [C]
18/3/1911 5 Silchester Lunch and tea were provided for members of the quarterly meeting of the Silchester Primitive Methodist circuit. The Rev J Walker will be succeeded next July by Rev C Lomas. [C]
18/3/1911 5 Monk Sherborne Mr G L Ruxton of Craven Lodge invited 30 friends to a smoking concert at the New Inn to celebrate his recent success as an exhibitor with his horse Nadir, at the Polo and Riding Pony Show at the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington. [C]
18/3/1911 5 Baughurst Special services for Lent are being held on Friday evenings which are fairly well attended. [C]
18/3/1911 5 Baughurst A varied programme was presented by the Primitive Methodist choir from Silchester when they visited the Baughurst Chapel on Monday evening. [C]
25/3/1911 5 Pamber Evidence of the esteem in which Mr John Bonney was held was shown by the large number of people who attended his funeral. Mr Bonney carried on his business of boot and shoe maker and was a loyal and devoted member of the Primitive Methodist Church since his early days. (List of mourners). [C]
25/3/1911 7 Tadley The Annual Parish Meeting was held with five Parish Councillors and 54 parochial electors present. Amongst other items the idea of a gravel pit being opened on the Common was discussed. It was stated that it was a Turbary Common. The resolution was lost when 17 voted for it and 24 against. [C]
25/3/1911 7 Pamber At a meeting of the Parish Council the only business of public interest was a discussion as to the state of certain ditches in the parish. [C]
25/3/1911 7 Pamber The annual assembly of the Parish Meeting was held with a very small company of parishioners present. Those from Pamber Green complained about the very bad state of a footpath. [C]
1/4/1911 8 Silchester Meeting of the Ruri-Decanal Chapter held at Sherfield Rectory. [C]
1/4/1911 8 Tadley Parish Council Meeting. Mr E West resigned as Parish Councillor, he having removed to Essex. A meeting to be held shortly to discuss the question of providing a nurse for Tadley. An extract from the award respecting the Heath End gravel pits was read. [C]
1/4/1911 8 Baughurst Miss A Smith, secretary to the Church Missionary Society for this parish visited the school. Examining the contents of the missionary boxes, the Sunday school contained 13s.2.1/2d. The day school 11s.1.1/2d. [C]
1/4/1911 8 Baughurst Hospital Parade Meeting. Parade to be held on Sunday 14 May and bands from six surrounding villages were invited to attend. [C]
1/4/1911 8 Monk Sherborne Annual Parish Meeting. A public meeting is to be held in connection with celebrations in the neighbourhood for the forthcoming Coronation. [C]
1/4/1911 8 Little London A most jolly party with an excellent repast was given by Host and Hostess Thomas at the Plough Inn on Saturday for 28 friends from Silchester, Bramley, Pamber and Tadley. [C]
8/4/1911 8 Baughurst Reading Room closed during the past week. Attendance of young men since Christmas has not been so good. [C]
8/4/1911 8 Baughurst After the formal business of the annual Parish Meeting was disposed of, Mr F Stokes of Inhurst House took the chair for a discussion of how the Parish should celebrate the Coronation of King George V. [C]
15/4/1911 5 Monk Sherborne A General Meeting of the Monk Sherborne and Pamber Cricket Club was held at the Priory Schools last week under the Presidency of the Rev G L Bennett, MA. [C]
15/4/1911 5 Monk Sherborne A fairly well attended meeting was held at the Priory Schools to consider the Coronation celebrations. A somewhat large, joint committee of Monk Sherborne and Pamber parishioners was elected to make all the arrangements. [C]
22/4/1911 8 Silchester It was calculated that over a thousand people attended the Primitive Methodist Circuit Rally on Silchester Common on Good Friday. Mr Keyser of Aldermaston Court lent his marquee and the massed brass bands played and the combined choirs sang splendidly. [C]
22/4/1911 8 Silchester On Saturday Miss Ethel Colman married Mr Walter Drake of Bury St Edmunds. The bride wore a mole coloured costume and was attended by her sister in a pretty dress of purple with hat to match. After a wedding breakfast at the bride s home the couple left for Bury St Edmunds before departing to seek their fortunes in Michigan, USA. [C]
22/4/1911 8 Pamber The services on Easter Sunday in St Luke s Church were bright and hearty and attended by crowded congregations. The church was tastefully decorated and collections during the day amounted to £4.11s.6d. [C]
22/4/1911 8 Pamber The College Arms was once again the scene of a jovial gathering for the annual feast of the earth stoppers, keepers and others given by the Vine Hunt. Mr G H Ruxton proposed the health of Sir Richard Rycroft, Bart, Master of the Hunt, recently married. Mr Ruxton, in Monk Sherborne for four years, now no longer thought of returning to South Africa. [C]
22/4/1911 8 Tadley Congregations were exceptionally large for the Sunday School Anniversary Services at the Primitive Methodist Chapel on Easter Sunday and Monday. Recitations, solos and special anniversary hymns were well rendered, followed by a free tea. An address on Labour brings sure reward was given. Collections for school funds - £5. [C]
29/4/1911 5 Silchester The Schoolroom was packed to its utmost capacity for the first performance of the newly formed Silchester Choral Society brought together by Mr Bert Ford. The concert proved a grand financial success, the proceeds devoted to purchasing a tent for the Cricket Club. [C]
29/4/1911 6 Baughurst At a general meeting regarding the Coronation celebrations, it was decided to have, according to funds, a day s festivity with dinner or tea. It was unanimously decided to the erection of a school flagstaff and a Coronation mug or medal for each child. [C]
29/4/1911 6 Baughurst Whist Drive held in the schoolroom with an attendance of 57. [C]
29/4/1911 6 Baughurst The Church Army van Winchester No 1 visited the parish for ten days mission after an interval of about two years. It is stationed in the school playground in the charge of Captain Warren. [C]
29/4/1911 6 Pamber The Annual Parish Council meeting was held at the Church Cottage, Pamber Heath. Mr Lawes brought their attention to the bad state of part of the footpath from Pamber End to the Priory Church and that it was used a good deal by children attending the school. [C]
29/4/1911 7 Tadley The Annual meeting of the Parish Council was held in the Council School, Tadley Hill. Various items were discussed and the report includes a long letter to the Right Hon W Runciman MP, President of the Board of Education regarding transport of Heath End children to/from school. [C]
13/5/1911 5 Tadley Major A W Hicks Beach generously presented the parish with half an acre of ground on the north side of the old parish church for the enlargement of the burial ground. [C]
13/5/1911 5 Brimpton While a valuable pedigree pig was being driven along the road, it suddenly dropped and quickly died. According to the vet this was caused by sunstroke. [C]
13/5/1911 5 Silchester Thunderstorms raged in the district for two days. The storm at Bramley was terrific. Extremely vivid lightning flashes, immediate deafening thunder and a deluge of hail. [C]
13/5/1911 5

Tadley The Church Army Mission Van, Winchester 1, held missions at Heath End, Tadley Hill and Newtown. At Heath End the Revd Dr Digges La Touche gave a stirring, evangelistic address in the open air. [C]
20/5/1911 8 Baughurst Annual Hospital Parade. In a day of mixed weather, religious denominations and celebrations, four local bands took part, there were volley firings and a procession led by the beautiful banner lent by Tadley Court of Foresters. Local dignitaries generously provided tea and use of fields. £20 was sent to Reading Hospital. [C]
20/5/1911 8 Monk Sherborne Coronation celebrations - Over £90 has been collected in promises and subscriptions for a celebration on Friday 30 June. Dinner will be provided for parishioners of Pamber Heath, Little London and Monk Sherborne. Later, in Mr Blundy s meadow there will be amusements, tea, dancing and fireworks. [C]
20/5/1911 8 Aldermaston A cow belonging to Mr C Keyser of Aldermaston Court was seriously injured after getting its head fixed into the iron wheel of a water cart and then being attacked by the other cows. [C]
27/5/1911 5 Tadley The Church Army Mission (Winchester 1) concluded three weeks stay in Tadley. Cadet Haynes was a very capable lanternist showing nearly 120 slides to illustrate the lecture given by Captain Warren on the splendid work of the Church Army. [C]
27/5/1911 5 Tadley Empire Day was kept at the Tadley Council Schools with medals, shields and certificates being presented by Mrs Ward to children with good attendance. The Rector addressed the children on the greatness of our Empire and that our flag stood for freedom and duty. Also that the King had asked for a weeks holiday for all the children. [C]
27/5/1911 5 Wolverton The Annual Camp Meeting services were held near Mr Bone s farm and were well attended. Gentlemen from local villages gave stirring addresses and music was provided by the Tadley Gospel Temperance Band. [C]
27/5/1911 5 Silchester The Committee reported that £65.9s.0p had been collected for the Coronation Celebrations and amounts were allocated for dinner, tea, Reading Prize Band, tent etc, Sports Committee, beer and minerals and Coronation mugs for the children. [C]
27/5/1911 5 Silchester A fair number of principal residents and parents attended the Empire Day celebrations at the Schools. The beautiful flag was run up the flagpole, the children sang and the two prize winning essays were read out and applauded. The children were granted a half-holiday and each received a bun and an orange. [C]
3/6/1911 8 Tadley The announcement of debates on Christianity and Socialism between Mr C E Oliver and the Rev E Digges La Touche has aroused much interest. [C]
3/6/1911 8 Tadley Many local items were dealt with at the Parish Council Meeting including repairs to road and footpath, encroachment on the Common, letters from the authorities regarding the school van, cutting gorse, a nurse for the parish and the possibility of a weekly half holiday for post office counter business. [C]
3/6/1911 8 Baughurst An application for compensation for Thomas Evans Bridgman was made at Basingstoke. The workman s right forearm was badly injured last October, all the muscles being severed. An agreement was made that he should receive £100. to settle everything, if the Registrar was satisfied with it. [C]
3/6/1911 8 Silchester Stirring addresses were given by gentlemen from local villages at the Primitive Methodist Camp Meeting which took place in delightful weather and with an almost record attendance. [C]
3/6/1911 8 Silchester At the closing of the Impstone Reading Room for the summer months, the Misses Cockerton provided entertainment and refreshments for a happy gathering of members. The success of the Reading Room and Club is due to the owners, Misses Cockerton and the Committee. [C]
10/6/1911 8 Tadley A long and detailed report of an evening debate on the subject Is Christianity True? , which took place on Tadley Green between Mr C E Oliver MA and the Rev E Digges La Touche LittD. A great number of people sat and stood to listen including local priests. Mr. Oliver also told the story of the balloon flying over Tadley to which there was some good humoured repudiation. The evening ended in laughter after some very vigourous remarks by Mr George Roller. [C]
17/6/1911 8 Baughurst Sunday School Anniversary Services were held at the Mission Hall. There was a good attendance and the children were complimented on their recitations and their rendering of the special hymns. [C]
17/6/1911 8 Baughurst The Coronation - The whole parish is to be provided with a lunch and tea, a flagstaff and flag to be set up in front of the school and each child to receive a Coronation mug. Free entertainments to be provided including the Newbury Prize Temperance Band, Williams steam roundabouts, swings and sports. [C]
17/6/1911 8 Ramsdell The Coronation celebrations to include tea for children at 4 pm, tea for women at 5 pm and a social for men at 7 pm. [C]
17/6/1911 8 Ramsdell At a gathering of managers, visitors and parents at the school, County Council medals and certificates were awarded for good attendance. Afterwards, outside, the flag contributed by the vicar was run up the recently erected, very lofty flagpole (provided by His Grace the Duke of Wellington) and the National Anthem was sung. [C]
17/6/1911 8 Monk Sherborne General Lakin kindly invited villagers to an open air dance on the lawn at The Priory with music provided by the Basingstoke Iron Works Band. There were a great number of visitors and many spent time walking through the gardens and greenhouses. Thanks were given to General Lakin and Miss Timson for the pleasant gathering and their care for the guests. [C]
17/6/1911 8 Silchester A Tea and Jumble Sale in aid of the Church Bell Fund was held in the beautiful Rectory grounds. Miss Harrison s gramophone played selections and croquet and bowls games were provided. It would be a nice thing if the £70 still required to re-hang the bells was raised so that the bells could be rung again in Coronation Year. [C]
Various Reports and pictures of the Coronation. [C]
1/7/1911 3 Tadley Festivities for the Heath End division of Tadley included a short service, a procession headed by the Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band with participants wearing a medal and the children carrying small flags. The flag was unfurled on the flagpole near the pond and there were cheers for the King and Queen. [C]
1/7/1911 3 Wolverton This little village loyally celebrated the Coronation with a pleasurable day of activities, food, sports, prizes, a short service and dancing to the Plaistow Green Band, all heralded by a merry peal of bells and the firing of the anvil. The day concluded with the National Anthem. [C]
1/7/1911 8 Monk Sherborne Best wishes will follow Mr & Mrs Edgar Bonney to their new home in America after their years managing the Post Office. The Post Office will now pass into the hands of Mr & Mrs T Benham, recently married at the Priory Church. [C]
1/7/1911 8 Monk Sherborne The sad death of Kathleen Crook aged 10 years after, it was thought, catching cold at the amusements on General Lukin s lawn on 8 June. Medical examination found consumption had taken a firm hold and she died a week after the first symptoms showed themselves. [C]
1/7/1911 8 Ramsdale During Coronation week the village was gay with about 50 flags, large and small, fluttering in the breeze. Celebrations included a cricket match, food, Coronation mugs, sweet pea buttonholes and sports. The latter had to be postponed as the Clerk of the Weather saw fit to send down copious showers. [C]
8/7/1911 5 Baughurst A very pretty wedding took place in the Parish Church between Alexander Paterson of Arbroath, Scotland and Lilian Gundry of Loveday s Farm. In the late afternoon the couple left for their new home in Kelso. [C]
8/7/1911 5 Silchester Village festivities took place on 29 June. Generous subscriptions had been given and a grand day resulted with, fortunately, beautiful weather. [C]
8/7/1911 7 Tadley A special service was held in the Parish Church on Coronation Day but the festivities were held on Friday 30 June. These included plentiful food, sports, a free exhibition in the Iron Hall of living pictures of the King and Queen on Coronation Day, Williams roundabouts and bowling for two pigs and dancing to the Hook Brass Band. [C]
8/7/1911 7 Tadley The Tadley Salvation Army Corps and friends held their Coronation celebrations on 30 June beginning with a hot dinner in the Hall. A fine programme of sports was arranged, the Salvation Army Band played and Mr Dick Williams attended with his swing boats and coker-nuts. Each child was presented with a Coronation mug, a toy and a piece of cake. (Note: the spelling of coconuts is as spelt in newspaper.) [C]
8/7/1911 7 Baughurst The Coronation festivities were ushered in by a merry peal of bells and continued with a procession headed by the Newbury Temperance Band and a capital spread of food. Entertainments and amusements included sports, Williams steam roundabouts and a Coronation mug for each child. [C]
15/7/1911 7 Monk Sherborne The annual outing to Southsea of the Parish and Priory Church Choirs was pleasant starting at 6.30 am arriving home at midnight. [C]
15/7/1911 7 Baughurst Haughurst Hill Mission Hall Sunday School had their annual tea treat. [C]
15/7/1911 7 Baughurst The Haughurst Hill Mission Hall Camp Meeting was held in a meadow with Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band in attendance. [C]
15/7/1911 7 Silchester Advert - Collections will be taken for the Royal Berks Hospital and four local bands will be in attendance. [C]
22/7/1911 8 Silchester Advert - Collections will be taken for the Royal Berks Hospital and four local bands will be in attendance. [C]
29/7/1911 8 Baughurst and Tadley A very long report of the sixth exhibition of the Baughurst and Tadley Garden Society including the prize winners in the various categories - garden produce, butter, eggs and poultry, needlework and special prizes. [C]
5/8/1911 8 Silchester The Gospel Tent mission continues. [C]
5/8/1911 8 Silchester The Revd T Langshaw and family leave for a change of air and rest. After an absence of 33 years a former Rector takes up residence for a few weeks. [C]
5/8/1911 8 Silchester A red letter day for children of the day and Sunday schools last Thursday when in bright weather they processed to The Hollies where Mrs Karslake had prepared a happy programme and a bountiful tea. [C]
12/8/1911 5 Tadley At a Parish Council meeting items included the erection of new stiles and repairing footpaths, cleaning out pond and cutting gorse on the recreation ground. [C]
12/8/1911 5 Silchester After three years in the circuit the Revd Joseph Walker has removed to Belvedere near Woolwich. The Revd Lomas from Blandford, Dorset is now in charge. [C]
19/8/1911 5 Monk Sherborne A very detailed report of the Flower Show for the four parishes of Bramley, Monk Sherborne, Pamber and Sherborne St John in the Rectory meadow. [C]
19/8/1911 5 Monk Sherborne Marriage of Miss Caroline Allen, sixth daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur Allen of Rookery Farm to Mr Charles Edward Dean of Aylesbury. The bride wore a silk taffeta dress trimmed with passementerie and chiffon with a silk girdle. Owing to the busy harvest time a good number of invited friends were unable to attend. List of wedding gifts and their donors. [C]
26/8/1911 8 Silchester The death, after a painful operation, of Mrs Wheeler widow of Mr James Wheeler, the well-known carrier, cast a gloom over the village. [C]
26/8/1911 8 Silchester A garden party and sale of work at Silchester Hall raised £60 towards the rehanging of the church bells. It is now hoped that this may happen in time for the Harvest Festival early in October. [C]
9/9/1911 8 Pamber Heath An inquest held at the Pelican Inn by the County Coroner on the body of Louis Aubrey Ward, four month old child of Horace and Blanche Ward, found it was clear that death was due to purely natural causes. [C]
16/9/1911 7 Monk Sherborne A special service for men took place on Sunday afternoon and was very much appreciated by those who were present. [C]
16/9/1911 7 Monk Sherborne A map of Canada and a volume containing the report of the great Peace Conference held in London in 1908 has been given to the Reading Room by Mr Edgar W Bonney. [C]
23/9/1911 8 Tadley The Parish Council Meeting held in the Council School dealt with items in connection with trimming allotment hedges, whether the Parish Council had the right to let the shooting over the allotments and common and bills to be printed offering a reward for information against persons setting fire to the common without the consent of the Parish Council. [C]
30/9/1911 5 Pamber Heath A successful outing for members of St Luke s choir was favoured by brilliant weather. With Revd Digges La Touche in charge they travelled to Windsor by coach to view the Castle, the Royal stables and riding school and the Curfew Tower where some choir boys were put in the ancient stocks. [C]
30/9/1911 5 Silchester On the return to the Hall of Mrs Thorold and her family, she gave her annual treat to the women of the village who enjoyed games and a sumptuous tea on the terrace and lawn. [C]
30/9/1911 5 Silchester Large congregations sang heartily at the Harvest Thanksgiving Services at the Primitive Methodist Chapel accompanied by Mrs Nellie Ford at the organ. [C]
7/10/1911 7 Baughurst Good prices were realized at the Primitive Methodist Chapel auction of fruit and vegetables used for the Harvest Festival decorations, in aid of the Chapel Fund. [C]
7/10/1911 7 Baughurst A bountiful supply of corn, fruit, vegetables and flowers decorated the Ebenezer Mission Hall, Haughurst Hill for the Harvest Thanksgiving services at which Mr W Kimber of Pamber preached to good congregations. [C]
7/10/1911 7 Baughurst At the Harvest Thanksgiving at the Church on Thursday evening, the Revd R Molyneux of St Michael s, Basingstoke preached and the collection was on behalf of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution. [C]
7/10/1911 7 Monk Sherborne Mrs Figgins retired from the Priory School after 13 years of continuous service as assistant mistress. Her place has been taken by Miss Stratton who was previously at St John s School, Basingstoke. [C]
14/10/1911 8 Tadley A detailed report of the Harvest Thanksgiving Services at the Primitive Methodist Chapel. At the open air meeting, the Mission Brass Band rendered good service. [C]
14/10/1911 8 Silchester The annual Church Sunday School treat which included games and scrambles was held at the Rectory with tea spread out in the coach-house. [C]
14/10/1911 8 Silchester On Wednesday at the Primitive Methodist Church, after a public tea, the Revd B Portnell gave his popular lecture entitled Peter Mackenzie, or the Great Heart of Methodism . [C]
14/10/1911 8 Silchester Unfortunately, due to a deluge of rain which fell just before the time of the service, only 30 people were present for the Harvest Festival services in the beautifully decorated Parish Church. [C]
14/10/1911 8 Silchester Over 50 members turned up, and were enrolled at the Impstone Reading Room. After games and a coffee supper given by the Misses Cockerton, a unanimous vote of sympathy was given for them in connection with the disastrous fire that had happened. [C]
14/10/1911 8 Pamber The College Arms Quoit Club finished up a most successful season with a capital spread for about 25 provided by the Host and Hostess and a harmonious evening was spent. [C]
14/10/1911 8 Pamber At the Parish Council meeting, it was decided to obtain another estimate for repairing the footpath at Pamber End leading to the Priory Church and the day schools. [C]
14/10/1911 8 Pamber Heath The decorations in St Luke s Church were beautiful and artistic for the Harvest Festival thanksgiving services. [C]
28/10/1911 7 Pamber At the Divisional Petty Sessions in Basingstoke, John Smith, hire carter, was fined 5s including costs for the non-attendance at school of his son Frederick Percy (13) whose attendances at school had been only 15 out of 102. It was possible that steps must be taken to send the boy to an industrial school. [C]
28/10/1911 7 Monk Sherborne The little iron Village Room was crowded to its utmost capacity, with some finding vantage points on the tops of cupboards, for the first of a series of concerts. Mr G Ruxton s startling performance in conjuring tricks brought the house down especially as he was able to produce a live rabbit by frying the ingredients of an omelette over the stove. [C]
28/10/1911 8 Tadley The fifth annual rummage sale in aid of the Tadley Rector s Discretion Fund raised £17. Mrs Ward had been very busy marking goods as she was most anxious that parishioners should obtain good, second hand clothing at very cheap prices. [C]
28/10/1911 8 Tadley Harvest Festival services were held at St Mary s Church, Heath End and St Saviour s Church in Tadley Parish. [C]
4/11/1911 7 Tadley At the Parish Council meeting the items discussed were stiles and allotments - the letting of two allotments at Spiers Green and Giles , repairs to the bridge on Giles allotment and the reduction by £10 of the salary of the Assistant Overseer and the Clerk to the Council. [C]
4/11/1911 7 Little London Among the produce given for the harvest thanksgiving services at the Primitive Methodist Chapel was a sack of oats, a bushel of beans and a bushel of barley. [C]
4/11/1911 7 Baughurst The presentation of a travelling clock was made to Miss M Smith on her departure from Baughurst School after two years as supplementary Infant Mistress. She has now taken up a similar post at Hitcham School near Maidenhead. [C]
4/11/1911 8 Silchester At the postponed planting of a scarlet chestnut tree to commemorate the crowning of King George V, all the children present were asked to put in a shovel of soil and also to honour and protect the tree from damage in future years. [C]
4/11/1911 8 Silchester Miss Elizabeth Baker, one of the oldest (83) and most respected parishioners and a member of the Primitive Methodist Church died on 24 October. Miss Baker was particularly kind to children and will be missed and mourned by many who came in contact with her. [C]
11/11/1911 5 Tadley The annual missionary services were held at the Primitive Methodist Chapel with hymns and inspiring addresses. [C]
11/11/1911 5 Tadley A detailed report of the fourth annual Children s Chrysanthemum Show. The chrysanthemums were grown by the children of Tadley Council School and were shown in the Church Room. Mrs Phillips of The Wilderness kindly gave away the prizes and provided tea for the competitors. [C]
11/11/1911 5 Silchester Mr Billeson and family who have recently taken Silchester House, gave a fine display of fireworks on the eve of 5 November. There were also a few gorse fires on the common. [C]
11/11/1911 5 Silchester About 50 people attended a very pleasant evening consisting of a whist drive and dance at Silchester Schools. [C]
11/11/1911 5 Silchester Owing to weather and other reasons the Gospel Tent Mission closed for the season after a stay of five or six weeks. [C]
11/11/1911 5 Monk Sherborne A very appreciative audience attended the second of a series of concerts in the little iron Reading Room. The entertainers included singers, Mr Ruxton who with his sketches in black and white created much amusement and Mr Scott who portrayed the Scotch comedian Harry Lauder very realistically. [C]
11/11/1911 7 Pamber Parish Council. (No copy) [C]
18/11/1911 8 Silchester The undenominational gospel mission, carried on with such success in a tent through the summer, is being continued in Messrs Lovegrove Brothers motor garage. [C]
18/11/1911 8 Baughurst About 50 people from Baughurst and eight surrounding villages attended the first social of the winter season in the Schoolroom. The programme consisted of gramophone selections, music, songs, duets and dancing. [C]
18/11/1911 8 Pamber Heath Fine potatoes! - Mr Simpson collected 125 of his remarkable crop of potatoes and has stored them in a Cupid match box measuring two and an eighth inches by one and a quarter inch by five eighth on an inch. This sample of potatoes can be seen at your correspondent s, Silchester. [C]
25/11/1911 8 Tadley A very successful smoking concert, organised by the committee of the Tadley and Baughurst branch of the West Hants Conservative and Unionist Association, took place recently in the Parish Room, Tadley. The evening consisted of songs and speeches. [C]
25/11/1911 8 Silchester About 50 people attended the first of a course of lectures on practical home nursing in the Impstone Reading Room. The instructive and useful lecture by Miss M Cable, County Staff Teacher, was greatly appreciated. [C]
25/11/1911 8 Ramsdale A total of £1.17s.0p. was collected for Dr Barnardo s Homes in a house to house collection in the district undertaken by youthful collectors. [C]
25/11/1911 8 Monk Sherborne The Reading Room was crowded to excess for the recent concert which included a pianoforte duet, songs and Mr Robbins, the local comedian, who brought the house down with his humorous patter and verse. [C]
2/12/1911 7 Monk Sherborne The little iron building was comfortably filled for another very attractive concert of songs and selections on the gramophone, a fine instrument being kindly lent and manipulated by Mr F Silver of Sherborne St John. [C]
2/12/1911 8 Tadley A family party assembled for the coming of age of Mr Leonard Stacey, youngest son of Mr John Stacey, of Tadley Hill, which was celebrated in a right good old English fashion. [C]
2/12/1911 8 Baughurst A verdict of death from natural causes, owing to heart disease, was passed by the deputy County Coroner at the inquest of Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Arlott, aged 67, after her sudden death at home. [C]
2/12/1911 8 Silchester A successful missionary meeting was held in the School with a most interesting lecture being given by the Revd L G P Liesching. [C]
2/12/1911 8 Silchester The Dead March from Saul was played at the impressive memorial service held last Sunday in the Primitive Methodist Chapel, for the late Miss Elizabeth Baker. [C]
9/12/1911 8 Tadley A very successful social, consisting of whist drive, music and dancing was attended by about 70, including people from neighbouring parishes. [C]
9/12/1911 8 Baughurst Schoolchildren took part in the annual Saturday Fund Collection for Dr Barnardo s Home raising a total of £1.8s.0d. [C]
9/12/1911 8 Pamber A very pretty wedding took place between Mr John Kimber and Miss Elsie Dorcas Monger at the Primitive Methodist Church, the wedding party being conveyed to the Church in motor cars. The report includes a list of wedding presents. [C]
16/12/1911 - - No paper perhaps the weather was too bad for a reporter to come out to Tadley. [C]
23/12/1911 5 Pamber Heath £108 has already been raised towards the target of £150 for the Bishop of Bendigo s Mission Fund by a parish tea in the Church Cottage, a sacred concert in St Luke s Church and an address on behalf of the Bendigo Mission, Australia. [C]
23/12/1911 5 Pamber The toast of Success to the College Arms Slate Club was drunk at the annual supper at the College Arms. Host and Hostess Lawes again put on a good spread and Mr Martin gave an account of the club. [C]
23/12/1911 5 Silchester Due to the lack of consideration of the brooks at Silchester and Little London during the dry summer months when bridges could have been built, the flooding of the roads due to recent continuing rains has now caused inconvenience to travellers and motorists. [C]
23/12/1911 5 Ramsdale New members will be cordially welcomed at the annual supper of the Rose Inn Slate Club to be held at the Rose Inn in January. Present members had their annual share out last Monday. [C]
23/12/1911 5 Baughurst Charity Clubs During the week the Rector has had distributed 26 clothing tickets and 46 coal tickets. [C]
23/12/1911 8 Tadley Wedding at the Congregational Church of Miss Blanche James, eldest daughter of Mr F James and Frank Wm Gordon? Of East Yorks Regiment. (no copy) [C]
30/12/1911 5 Ramsdale There was a poor gathering at the annual meeting of the Garden Society due to unfavourable weather. [C]
30/12/1911 5 Ramsdale There was a good muster of members present at the annual meeting of The Friend-in-Need (Pig Club) Society under the presidency of the Vicar, the Revd G Sampson. [C]
30/12/1911 5 Pamber Heath Through the kindness of Mr Benyon, Church Road, which was in a very muddy state, has been greatly improved by gravel being put down. St Luke s Church Christmas services were bright and hearty and well attended. [C]
30/12/1911 5 Monk Sherborne Through the kindness of Miss Drake and Miss Timson, the schoolchildren of the Priory School, with their mothers, were entertained with good fare and a magic lantern show. The report is very detailed. [C]
30/12/1911 6 Baughurst The early morning Holy Communion, heralded by a merry peal of bells, was fairly well attended and the church was decorated with evergreens and holly. [C]
30/12/1911 6 Baughurst The report of the Diocesan inspection of the school stated that the Revd H W Yorke was thoroughly satisfied. It suggested that pictures ought to be used in teaching the infants but he was able to re-sign all certificates and to give five new ones. [C]
30/12/1911 6 Baughurst A very pretty wedding was solemnised in the Parish Church between Mr Albert George Pearce and Miss Carrie E Froome of Browning Hill, Tadley. Their new home will be at Woodcote, Oxon. [C]
30/12/1911 8 Tadley Many good songs were sung at the wind-up supper for the Fighting Cocks Slate Club. Toasts were drunk and the share out gave each member £1.3s.3d. [C]
30/12/1911 8 Silchester An excellent repast was supplied by Host Taylor at the annual supper of the Crown Inn Slate Club. A humorous response to the toast The visitors was made by Mr Dickson and £1.1s.6d. was paid out to each member. [C]
30/12/1911 8 Silchester Christmas festivities included services in the various places of worship, juvenile singers, mummers and four local bands visited residences and the usual smoking concert took place on Boxing night at the Crown Inn. A prominent young footballer, J Barker, also broke his leg in a match on Boxing Day. [C]

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