Family Names

One of the Society's members carried out extensive research on the history of Tadley families, and it has been decided to publish this research on the web. Below is a list of documents that are available.

We have taken care to remove as much personal information sent to us, such as personal letters etc, but if there are items relating to your family that you wish not to be displayed, please contact us, and we will remove it as soon as possible.

TADS cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions on the information relating to the burial details.



Abbot; Adams; Aldridge; Aldworth; Alexander; Allen; Allmark; Allum; Aldmond; Anderson; Andrews; Angless; Anglis; Annetts; Anscombe; Appleton Vol 1; Appleton Vol 2; Appleton Vol 3; Arlot; Attwood; Austin; Avery.


Baggs; Baker; Ball; Ballard; Banbury; Barlow Vol 1; Barlow Vol 2; Bartlett; Basham; Bartlett; Bathgate; Baverstock; Bean; Beavers; Bechelet; Beckwith; Belcher; Benham; Bennett; Benham; Bentall; Berrington; Billington; Bird; Birch; Black; Blake; Bleatham; BlundenBogueBondBonner; Bonney; Bosley; Bound; Bowers; Bowman; Boyce; Bradley; Brake; Brant; Breakspear; Bridgewater; Brinkman; Brock; Brodie; Brookes; Broom; Broomfield; Brough; Brown; Brunt; Buckland; Burnell; Butler; Butler 1; Bryart; Bye.


Cameron; Carpenter; Carrington; Carter; Carter 1; Case; Castle; Champ; Chandler; Chapman; Cotterell; Cotterell 1; Cripps; Cull; Cullum; Curry; Curtis; Cuss.


Dale; Dansey; Dawson; Day; Dey; Dicker; Dixon; Doggett; Doke; Don; Doran; Dormer; Doyle; Drake; Dryburgh; Duckett; Duncombe; Dyer; Dykes.


Ecott; Edwards; Elliot; Emmens; Emmons; England; Englefield; Englefield Vol 2; Ensom; Ettle; Evans; Everest; Exall; Eyles


Farmer; Farr; Faulkner; Fayers; Fell; Ferris; Finch; Fisher; Flitter; Florence; Fullett; Ford; Fox; Frankham; Franklin; Freemantle; Frost; Fry


Gardner; Gazzard; Gebert; Geering; Gelder; Germain; Gethin; Gibbons; Gibsons; Giles; Gilliam; Gingell; Goddard; Godfrey; Goodchild; Goodenough; Goodfellow; Gracey; Goodyear.


Hadleigh; Hagger; Haines; Hale; Hallam; Hampton; Hancock; Harmsworth; Harris; Harris 1; Hartshorn; Hatch; Hawden; Hawken; Hawkins; Hawkins 1; Hawkins 2; Hawkins 3; Heath; Heathe; Hedgecock; Hedges; Henstridge; Herbert; Hewitt; Hicks; Hills; Hiller; Hiscock; Hoare; Hockney; Hockney 1; Hodges; Holdaway; Hole; Hollingshead; Hope; Hopkins; Horne; Hoskins; Hoysted; Hulbert; Hulme; Hunt; Hussey; Hutchins.


Ireland; Ivermee.


Jacob; Jacob 1; James; Janes; Jefferson; Jeffery; Jennings; John; Jones.


Keel; Keel; Keith; Keep; Kent; Kerbrat; Kercher; Kew; Kimber; King; Kingdon; Kinge; Kite; Kitwell; Kulski.


Lake; Lambden; Lampart; Lampart Vol 1; Lander; Lane; Langford; Langley; Lawes; Lawes; Lawerence; Lay; Laybourne; Leavey; Lavy; Lever; Leeks; Lethaby; Lewis; Lilly; Lipscomb; Lisney; Livingstone; Locke; Lodge; Long; Long 1; Lovatt; Lovegrove; Lowe; Loxton; Lucas; Lunn.


McVoy; Holdsworth McConnel; McGillivray; Macqueen; Mace; Maibeuf; Marshall; Martin; Matthews; Maule; Mansbridge; Maure; May; Mclean; Mears; Mendum; Mendum 1; Merrick; Metcalf; Miles; Millard; Mills; Milne; Milward; Minter; Mitchell; Monckton; Mongers Vol 1; Mongers Vol 2; Mongers Vol 3; Mongers Vol 4; Morlands; Morris; Moss; Mount; Mullen; Murrell; Morrell.


Nash; Nelhams; Newman; Nelhams; Nicholson; Nisbet; Nixon; Nocella; Nockles; Norridge; Norris; North; North 1; Newton.


Oakley; OBee; OHagan; Olden; Osman; Owen; Padwick; Page; Paisley; Parish; Parker; Pascall; Payne; Peach; Peachey; Pearce.


Paice; Parson; Peppin; Perry; Philliss; Pike; Pippen; Pither; Poole; Pope; Powell; Pratt; Prictoe; Priestley; Prior; Prout; Prouten; Pullinger.


Quelch; Quelch 1; Quelch; Quelch.


Rampton; Rampton 1; Randall; Rathgen; Rawlings; Ray; Rayner; Reed; Rees; Rickford; Rivers; Roe; Rogers; Rolfe; Rood; Rudman; Rushton; Russell.


Safranek; Sandford; Sapp; Saul; Savage; Saunders Vol 3; Saunders Vol 4; Saunders Vol 5; Saunders A - H; Schofield; Scott; Scutter; Seabrook; Searing; Searle; Seward; Shadwick; Shatford; Shepard; Simpson; Simpson Vol 2; Sims; Singler; Sinkinson; Smart; Smith; Smith 1; Smith 2; Charles Smith Dairy 1886; Smithers; Soper; Sparkes; Speight; Spencer; Spray; Stacey Vol 1; Stacey Vol 2; Stacey Vol 3; Stanley Vol 1; Stanley Vol 1; Stafford; Stamp; George Stamp; Stapleton; Steele; Stevens; Stone; Stowell; Stroud; Stupart; Suter; Swan; Swinback; Sykes>.


Talbot; Taylor; Taylor 1; Tennant; Thomas; Thompson; Tiplady; Townsend; Treacher; Tremble; Treacher; Trusler; Tuffin; Tull; Turrell>.




Vasic; Vaughan; Ventom.


Walford; Wallace; Ward; Warner; Warner 1; Warren; Waters; Watson; Webb; Weissleberg; Wells; Wheeler; Whelan; Whitchfield; White; Whitehouse; Whithorn; Wickens; Wigley; Williams; Willington; West; West 1; West 2; West 3; Willis; Wilson; Wilson-Dutton; Wise; Wiseman; Withey; Woodall; Woods; Woodward; Woollett; Wooten; Worsfold; Wright; Wykes; Wyeth; Wythe.


Yarham; Yates; Young.



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