Genealogy enquiries to TADS

TADS regularly receive genealogical enquiries via gmail – people from around the world seeking information they believe TADS might be able to provide.

We are including some of these enquiries onto the website in order others might be able to help.

Our first enquiry comes from Dave Clements in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada:


I have only recently become aware of your website and I want to let you how impressed and amazed I am with the quantity and quality of material that you have been able to put online.

My wife is descended from Frederick James (1859-1936) and Alice Jury (1866-1902).

Fred emigrated to Toronto Canada in 1910/12 with his 4 sons and 1 of 2 daughters.

There are others in the family who have been working on the James family history and it was through a Kris James that I learnt of your site and your extensive James history. I am assuming that she has been or will be in touch with you.

In the family history and on your website, I noticed a number of references to churches in particular the Methodist Chapel and the Baughurst Tabernacle.

The line of Percy James (Fred’s youngest) has a definite evangelical Methodist trait. I had always assumed it came from Percy’s wife but maybe from the James as well.

Do you have files/summaries of the history of these churches?

I did not find them online although I’m quite willing to admit I might have missed them.

Anyone who might be able to help Dave with information on local churches, please contact him (

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