Tadley war memorial

As part of the national commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I, TADS members researched the names of the men listed on Tadley War Memorial.

TADS World War I exhibition publicity poster

An exhibition displaying research on the 31 men from World War I listed on the memorial was held on 27 September 2014 and this was followed a year later by an exhibition on the 6 men from World War II listed on the memorial. Material from the exhibitions has also been displayed in Tadley Library, The Hurst Community College and St Paul's Church.

For a more detailed account of the project click here.

TADS continues to research the 37 men and would be delighted to receive information and photographs relating to any aspect of the Tadley Memorial and it's history.

Contact: email (, tel (0118 970 1578), post (5 Church Road, Pamber Heath, Hampshire RG26 3DP).


Tadley weather 1981-2010

Long-time TADS member, Iris Stanley, kept a record of the weather in Tadley over a period of years between 1981 and 2010. Her personal research has been added to the website; click here.


Medieval Tadley

The TADS project group is currently researching into the possible existence of a medieval village near to St Peter Church.


Blue Gown

Does any one know the whereabouts of a painting of the Derby winner 'Blue Gown', thought at one time to have been hanging in Hawley House.After some research TADS know that a painting did exist and that at some time it was probably sold through Sotherby's. The jockey was 'Tiny' Wells.


The Tadley Roll

There are written reports that a long roll was drawn by local resident during the early days of Tadley School. Probably similar in style to the Bayeux tapestry, it included pictures of many of the then local characters.If you know of roll, or anything s whereabouts, please tell us. If we ever find it we would dearly like to photograph it for future reference.


Are you researching a Tadley family?

If so then please contact us, as we will help if we can and of course any information you can give us would be most welcome. TADS operates a 'permission only' system with regard to any information given to the Society.Should we be given any material, artefact or information it goes into TADS archive and is only used for any purpose after permission is given by the donor.


Photos of Tadley website

Photos of Tadley, our sister website which has over 600 photos of Tadley from the early 1900s through to the present day is currently (Autumn 2014) undergoing a review and unfortunately, is not available to the public.

Photos of Tadley is always on the look out for new photos to add to the collection. Even photographs that are five years old would get displayed, as it is amazing how quickly the area changes.

If you have any photographs that you would not mind being displayed, or would like to enquire when the site might be available again, then please contact it either via e-mail ( or phone (0118 981 6376).

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