A Taste of TADS 2

Front cover of A Taste of TADS 2

Gradually TADS is putting some of its older, out-of-print publications onto the website. A Taste of TADS 2, published in November 1993, was added in November 2014.

A Taste of TADS 2 contains articles on:

Tadley Schooldays in the 1940s, by Brian Gooch
An apprenticeship in the 1930s, by Joan Searing (née Fullbrook)
Four Years in Blue, by Mary Parker (née Potter)
The first new school in Tadley for nearly 100 years, by Roger Searing
Tadley memories, by Elsie Simpson - née West
About Basing House, compiled by Roger Searing


Introduction (1993 edition)

Founded nearly ten years ago, in November 1984, TADS (Tadley and District Society) local history group continues to publicise the rich past of Tadley and the surrounding area. The first ‘A Taste of TADS’ magazine was published in June 1990. Now, three and a half years later, it is followed by ‘A Taste of TADS 2’. Whereas the earlier edition was a selection of summaries from some of TADS regular monthly meetings, this edition is comprised of specially commissioned articles.

Tadley today bears little resemblance to that of fifty years ago. Then a village of a few hundred inhabitants, the great transformation dates back to the Second World War when Tadley, like Greenham, was chosen for an airfield. After the war the village did not revert to its previous quiet existence; initially the airfield became a base for BOAC (now British Airways) before becoming the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment (now Atomic Weapons Establishment). The 80s economic boom in the south-east, together with Tadley’s position mid-way between the M3 and M4 motorways led to the growth of housing. Tadley virtually lost its identity and past; newcomers may have no knowledge of these great changes. TADS aim is to record the local history which might otherwise disappear.

We are always eager to hear from anyone who has a local tale to tell; who knows, it might be suitable for inclusion in ‘A Taste of TADS 3’.

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