Research and projects

As well as its monthly programme of speaker meetings, TADS also has an active programme of research activities.

This research is co-ordinated by the TADS Project Group, which meets frequently to plan, co-ordinate and undertake projects. Membership of the Project Group is open to all and projects are chosen and undertaken by the groupís members. Please note, TADS does not undertake research for non-members; if you would like information on the extensive family history resources which TADS holds, click here.

Over the years the group has undertaken many projects, several of which have been developed into exhibitions and or publications. Current projects the group is researching include:

Tadley War Memorial
Work began on this project in 2013, with exhibitions staged in November 2014 and 2015. The aim now is to collate all the research into a book to be published in Autumn 2018. For more information click here.

Medieval Tadley
This project, seeking to locate where the original village of Tadley was located is looking for volunteers to move the project forward. For more information click here.

Photos of Tadley
TADS is trying to set-up a a new website which replicates the 'Photos of Tadley' site, a popular website showing Tadley photographs, which is currently unavailable. For more information click here.

Between 2002 and 2010 TADS published a newsletter, projectnews, highlighting many of the Project Groupís research topics. Copies of the newsletter are available on the website for viewing. For more information click here

For further information on TADS Project Group, what it does and how you might get involved, please contact Ian Burn (email:

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